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Bill and Sherryl Locke and Joe Uhtof:Bill: Loved the show tonight. Joe: Fantastic, hilarious. Randy was very funny. Sherryl: I like the comeuppence to the bully.

Carol Gardl and Irene SmithCarol: The children did a marvelous performance. Irene: I really like Ralphie's little brother (Randy). It was really cute.

Judy and Al Baumgarten: Judy: It was just great! All those kids doing their parts and remembering it all. Al: I especially liked the scene where the little girl was swooning over Ralphie.

Kathleen Kline and Dave Fuller: Kathleen: I liked all the humor they were able to bring to the show. Dave: Tremendous, how the kids got up there and used phrases that I remember from childhood. Kathleen: It brought back childhood memories for both of us. Dave: Clearly, over and over and over. Kathleen: This was our first time at a TCT show, and we'll be back. Dave: Absolutely, without a doubt. Clearly it's a great holiday show for everyone.

Lucy Asatryan and Josh Beaumont: Lucy: I really liked the characterizations of the costumes and the set was wonderful. Josh: My favorite part was when he shot his eye out!

Pat and Jack Waring: Pat: I've not seen the movie, I think it's a very clever play. I've done a little stage work and I thought the set was marvelous given the limitations they had. Jack: I love it, too. Reminded me of when I wanted a BB gun. I was born in 1937, so I relate to the whole play.

Rebecca Fassbender and David Grimshaw: Rebecca: I loved it, I had a great time. I won't lie, I came to see my friend Jamie and I thought she did an amazing job as the mother. It was great to see her in her first large role, she so deserves it. David: It was really funny, and I liked the fantasy scenes, like the swamp. They really refreshed the story for me.

Stephen Ringle: I think it was really funny. The funniest was Randy.

Teresa Johnson: It was so much fun, so cute. My favorite was little Randy, Ralphie's little brother. When I heard they were both little girls, it was so cute, especially Randy with the oatmeal doing the little piggy scene.

Teri and Gavin Ibrao: Teri: This was the first time here for us. Gavin: The cast was wonderful. Teri: I loved when he got the gun. Way back when I wanted a guitar and it felt the same way. Gavin: I absolutely recommend the show, but just remember when you get a BB gun, don't shoot your eye out.

Larry Barrett and Tina Larson: Tina Larson: It was uplifting, charming, absolutely charming. Everybody did such a wonderful great job and it was such a joy to watch. I've lived here 36 years, and never been before. It certainly exceeded my expectations. I'll absolutely be back.

Zach Ringle: Excellent! My favorite moment was Ralphie beating up the bully. Oh, and the witch scene.

Emily Marin: It was wonderful. I enjoyed it a lot. The cast projected wonderfully and they all seemed to be having fun. I loved when Ralphie came down in the bunny suit. I couldn't stop laughing.

George and Cheryl McMackin: Cheryl: We loved Randy, George: and all the kids. Cheryl: this is our local community talent. Wonderful! We'd recommend it for everyone; lots of fun!

Irene Brooks: It was very funny. It was a little bit better than the movie. It was all so good, I don't have a favorite part.

Jacob Root: It was really good. My favorite was when Santa pushed Ralphie down the slide.

Jane Camplain: I loved it. Of course it took me back to my childhood. The set was awesome, it's really true to middle class life of that time. I think Ralphie was my favorite, but all the kids were great. The Mom and Dad were like my folks, adults were running the house. I loved the fight scene between Ralphie and the bully. The whole thing was fun.

Jennifer Williams: All the excitement and how it got everyone in the mood for the holiday. It was very delightful and I'd recommend it to everyone.

Jim and Ann Pendleton: Jim: It was fantastic, awesome. The kids were wonderful! We watched the movie last night and this was exactly right, that kitchen was perfect. Anne: They nailed it. They always do a wonderful job with the plays here. It was a beautiful job. Jim: My favorite was when the teacher and the mom come out and do the witch and the monkey calling out, "You'll shoot your eye out."

John and Michelle King: John: I very much enjoyed the show. It was a lot of fun. Randy was a hoot. He (or she) was very wonderful. Michelle: I love it because it really sticks to the movie line, and I love that movie, watch it every year. I liked the Santa scene where they just pushed the kids through. The elves were fun.

The beloved story of Ralphie and his BB gun, "A Christmas Story," has opened at the Beekay Theatre and will play through Dec 15.

Plenty of tickets are available for all performances, including Thanksgiving weekend when so many Tehachapi families have made a tradition of attending TCT's holiday shows with visiting family and friends.

Tickets are available on line at or at Tehachapi Furniture, Picture Perfect or Johnny's Take n' Bake Pizza.

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