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Girl Scouts conducting hay drive in Bear Valley

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Members of Girl Scout Troop 008 have organized a drive to “Bale out the Horses” after learning of 15 horses rescued from the Kern County Animal Shelter by Marley’s Mutts. Pictured above, from left in the back row, are Miale Pryor, Mariah Voda and Page Parker. Standing in front is Rosie Williams.

When the Girl Scouts of Troop 008 heard about Zach Skow of Marley’s Mutt’s rescuing 15 doomed horses from Kern County Animal Shelter and moving them to the Equestrian Center at Bear Valley Springs, they decided they just had to help.

Marley’s Mutts is caring for the horses until they can find homes for them — and 15 horses eat a lot of hay!

The Girl Scouts decided to “bale out the horses” by conducting a hay drive that is still in progress.

To help the Scouts help the horses, drop bales off at the Bear Valley Springs Equestrian Center through Jan. 21.

On Jan. 21, at Hemme Hay (20616 South St., Tehachapi), the Scouts will be collecting hay and Hemme Hay is offering $2 off all bales purchased for the cause.

For more information about the Girl Scout hay drive, call 661-599-9548 or 818-333-6809.

To contact Hemme Hay to donate Hay, call Jennifer at 822-7442.

Marley’s Mutts volunteers are working to rehabilitate the horses so they can be adopted.

Some were found wandering the streets in Bakersfield, having been abandoned, and were saved from slaughter as their time at the shelter had run out.

For more information about the horses or Marley’s Mutt’s Dog Rescue, visit the website, or call Zach at 661-972-3872.

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