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Oscar takes on camping in new book

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Local authors Gene Strim and Chelly Kitzmiller pose with Oscar, the star of their new book "Oscar Goes Camping." Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

Oscar checks over the new book, "Oscar Goes Camping," from authors Chelly Kitzmiller and Gene Strim, in which the dog features prominently. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

"Oscar Goes Camping" is the latest book from authors Chelley Kitzmiller and Gene Stirm, and follows the adventures of Oscar, a Yorkshire Terrier, as he learns the the finer points of camping -- sometimes the hard way.

"This was our way of poking a little fun at novice campers," explained Kitzmiller.

She and Stirm, both veteran campers themselves, feel that with just a little research, most novice campers can relieve much of the stress of learning the tricks of the trade the hard way.

"We see it all the time," said Stirm. "People will pull up with a speck of dirt on their gear, and then fight with it as they set it up."

"They spend more time just setting up camp, than they do enjoying themselves," Kitzmiller added.

In "Oscar Goes Camping," readers can follow Oscar, as he learns lessons like what to take when camping, how to pack it all up and how to choose the right campground for his style of camping. It features photos of the dog, decked out in his camping attire and in a number of different situations.

The book is available from in print, and e-book formats, and the profits go directly to the Have a Heart Humane Society to support the organization's low-income spay and neuter programs.

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