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Leslie VoVilla among featured artist in BVS annual art show

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Leslie VoVilla

"Bodie Auto" by artist Leslie VoVilla will be among the pieces on display at the BVS 30th annual Art Show. Photo courtesy of Leslie VoVilla

Leslie VoVilla's interest in photography began when she and her husband, Matt, moved to Bear Valley Springs in Tehachapi a few years ago. Moving to the mountains where the wildlife was so plentiful and ventures so close to the back porch inspired her to pick up a camera and record the magnificent creatures and unbelievable moments. Now the curiosity has become a passion.

A self-proclaimed artist most of her life, VoVilla studied at the New York School of Design in painting of both watercolors and oils, and dabbled in the fashion industry with a line of women's clothing.

She has received several awards for her photographs of the Central Coast Elephant Seals. She has been invited to show her work in several local galleries and has produced a line of greeting cards that reflect her many interests.

Her work can also be seen on her website at, and can be reached at

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