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Roadrunner Connection: Thankful for another year

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It's time to give thanks. Many of us will break bread on Thursday at dinner tables across America to reflect on the things that unfortunately we only reflect upon once a year. But thankfully, the federal government from its earliest form of the Continental Congress to the Civil War to FDR weighed in at some point of history and made it a federal holiday. Well played.

Many have gone to social media to use the entire month of November to give thanks; but with nearly every month already tied into some sort of cause or charity, this year I was confused, I knew men aren't supposed to shave so spent all month listing the things that I'm thankful for in the facial hair realm. Remember I'm a year-round beard-wearer, not just during 'Mo-vember.'

Anyway, back to giving thanks. It's been an interesting year in my world; but I'm blessed with another Thanksgiving to list some of the stuff that's been helpful to me here on planet Earth.

I'll start with family -- and boy do I have a doozy. It hasn't been all sunshine and rainbows this year, but when the chips were down and I needed advice, a favor or vice versa, we came through for each other as we always do. It's not easy when you're family tree is growing in 15 different directions and bearing different kinds of fruit, but that's what makes the cornucopia so brilliant right?

I have a wonderful job that allows all sorts of creativity and adventure. I'm not big on going to the same office every day and doing the same work.

I like arriving at work and finding a group of college baseball players dressed in Halloween costumes doing their morning off-season conditioning, for instance.

How many of you woke up last week, went in to work and immediately starting doing stunt-routines with the cheer team? I did, and I have it on film. The lengths I go to for quality television! Last week we also spent an afternoon hurling frozen turkeys across the gym floor for a "turkey bowling"segment -- only in college athletics, right?

I'm thankful for the young adults I get to work with. They work hard to earn their scholarships so they can compete and represent CSU Bakersfield. When everything goes well, they succeed, they walk across the stage and receive a degree and then become contributing members of society; hopefully one day they give back. I hope they realize that's the greatest gift of all.

I'm thankful for this column in this small hometown newspaper. While I've been on radio for years, host a television show and do countless other gigs, I receive more compliments and comments about this space than anything else I do. It's humbling and great to know that people still pick up a paper in America and enjoy the content. I thank you all for that.

There's my wife Melissa who realized long ago that being married to this guy was going to be a chore. Our support for each other has been instrumental in our successes this past year. She recently received a big promotion at work and she's set to receive her master's degree this spring. And you all thought I was the overachiever? Hardly.

I'd like to give thanks for the ability just to give thanks. I think we all take life for granted until moments of loss make us reflective. Be thankful for what you have today and for the ability to be thankful for it. You never know when circumstances may change, so make the best of it now.

Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy the festivities, the company, the games and the holiday itself. While the menus may change as well as the faces around the table; the spirit of Thanksgiving rolls on.


COREY COSTELLOE, a Tehachapi High graduate, is Director of New Media and Broadcasting for California State University, Bakersfield.

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