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Tehachapi history books to be republished by Heritage League

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The Tehachapi Heritage League, which celebrated its 40th anniversary on July 4, is preparing to publish a special 40th Anniversary Commemorative Edition of Tehachapi's most complete chronicle of local history.

"The Long Road to Tehachapi," originally published in 1976 by Judy Barras Lee, has been reprinted four times. This special edition will also include Barras Lee's first book, "Tehachapi: The Formative Years," published in 1973 and never reprinted.

The Heritage League is grateful to Jessie and Mark Milano for a $10,000 donation to assist in the publication. The long-time supporters of the Heritage League and other organizations have helped make a difference for many in Tehachapi. Through their generosity, local history is being preserved in many ways.

Kerri Esten of Graphic Expressions is handling the technical and graphics portion of preparing the two books for this special edition and Jon Hammond will write a brief update on Tehachapi history to include additional photos. They also collaborated on the publication of the "Handbook of the Kawaiisu," another book on local history with which the Heritage League helped publish.

After completion of the first printing of "Tehachapi: The Formative Years in 1973," Barras Lee passed along her files containing the research and some original photos to Claudia Elliott, who will be donating those documents to the Heritage League for use in the new edition.

Both books have been unavailable for a long time and the combined volume will be sold at the Tehachapi Museum and other retail locations in Tehachapi. It is expected that the new edition will be available in the spring.

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