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New owner, same variety at Tehachapi Christian Store

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Susan Palmer invites everyone to come in to the Tehachapi Christian Store to celebrate the new season. The pleasant surroundings offer an array of gifts from Bibles to T-shirts to music. Linda Lovendahl / Tehachapi News

On Nov. 1, Susan Palmer started a new ministry to Tehachapi when she took ownership of the Tehachapi Christian Store, 108 E. Tehachapi Blvd.

She had never been a retailer before -- never even had a lemonade stand as a kid, in fact -- and she spent the last 26 years as a staff member at California Correctional Institution.

So why did she want to take on this new adventure? Because she loves Tehachapi.

"There's nowhere else I'd ever live," Palmer said. "I love the seasons and the people -- no exceptions there. And I love the Lord."

As one might expect, the Tehachapi Christian Store has the latest bestselling Christian books written by favorite authors, a whole wall of Bibles in every major translation and every study-focus: for men, women, teens, children, new Christians, mature Christians, in Spanish and for those with a seeking heart.

But books are only part of it. Susan, just as her predecessor Brian Drucker did, stocks a myriad of Christian gifts.

Palmer is also committed to introducing local Christian artists to the community, from paintings, to the published works of local Christian writers, like Lauraine Snelling, and eye-popping quilts and wall hangings.

Palmer invites you at your first opportunity to drop by and get to know her and her store. And if you have a Christian group or event you want others to know about, drop the information by, as well.

"I would love our community, no matter what your faith, to see the Tehachapi Christian Store as a place you can come to be uplifted, inspired, and informed about our Lord and about all the ministries and events within this love-studded city," she said.

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