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TUSD announces winners of Oral Language Festival

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Verse Choir members Mikey Veiga, Dillon Siemon and Gavin Todd presented "Where's the Hole Punch?" Their funny piece was about desk-cleaning day. Photo by Liz Hartgrove

Alaina Riggs, from Cummings Valley School, was first place winner in the Serious Solo category with "Where's Sarah?" Photo by Liz Hartgrove

Carli Trillo, from Tompkins Elementary, was first place winner in the Humorous Solo category. Photo by Liz Hartgrove

The 2013-2014 district Oral Language Festival was held to a standing-room-only crowd Thursday, Dec. 5, in the district office board room. Fourth and fifth graders from each of the three elementary school sites competed in five categories. The students brought laughter to the audience during the humorous selections and a tear to the eye during the serious solo performances.

The first place winners were as follows:

* Duo Interpretation -- Serious: Riding Freedom presented by Chloe Richmond and Kara Benson from Cummings Valley Elementary.

* Duo Interpretation -- Humorous: The Pain and the Great One presented by Christopher Monzon and Miranda Kingston from Golden Hills Elementary.

* Verse Choir: Where's the Hole Punch -- 32 Third Graders and One Class Bunny presented by Mikey Veiga, Dylan Siemon, and Gavin Todd from Golden Hills Elementary

* Individual Interpretation -- Serious: Where's Sarah presented by Alaina Riggs

* Individual Interpretation -- Humorous: Matilda presented by Carli Trillo

The winners participated in the Regional Oral Language competition held on Thursday, Dec. 12 at the Beekay Theater.

Congratulations to all the district winners!

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