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Apple Festival a 'homey' reminder of Tehachapi apple history

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Long-time residents of Tehachapi may remember when local apples were a more prevalent sight and commodity. David Brust does.

"I thought we needed an event to remind people," Brust said.

So he organized the Tehachapi Apple Festival set for Oct. 12.

"The genesis of the festival was [based on] an idea I came up with after visiting the Apple Shed and seeing the little apple orchards," Brust said.

Fruit packing sheds once lined Tehachapi Boulevard, shipping product around the world and attracting visitors.

"Families from all over would come [to Tehachapi] to pick apples," Brust said.

Although the Apple Festival will not consist of picking apples from trees, it will be dominated by an apple theme.

"It's really an ode to what Tehachapi used to be," Brust said.

Unlike the Mountain Festival, which draws thousands of people, Brust said the Apple Festival will be more low-key.

"Not that Mountain Festival isn't a great event," he said. "But we want people to have a feel for small-town America [through this event]. We want it to have a small-town homey feeling."

Proceeds from the Apple Festival will benefit the Make A Wish Foundation, Lions Clubs International and Tehachapi Boy Scout Troop 3. Admission to the event is free, but Brust said funds from vendor booth rentals and beverage sales will go to the charities.

Additionally, Make A Wish will sell apples donated to them by Murray Family Farms and the Boy Scouts will offer carnival games for a nominal fee.

The Lions Club will hold an "apple drop" in which numbered rubber balls will be dropped in a bunch from a crane onto a bulls eye on Robinson Street. The number from the "apple" closest to the bullseye will win its ticket-holder a prize.

The Apple Festival will be in Railroad Park on Saturday, Oct. 12, from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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