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King Henry VIII to present Anne Boleyn as fiancee in historical reenactment at Renaissance Fair

The California City Parks and Recreation Department invites area residents to its annual Renaissance Fair, Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 19 and 20.

Set in 1532, the fair features acting, vendors, traditional food, music, dancing and more. California City Central Park, 10460 Heather Ave., will be the stage for the event through the weekend.

The storyline of the weekend follows King Henry VIII, accompanied by Anne Boleyn. The event website,, gives the following synopsis:

"For the last nine years, Henry has been courting a woman by the name of Anne Boleyn. Anne is a sophisticated woman, having been raised in the courts of the Archduchess of Austria and the Queen of France. She is also very learned in the New Faith, which might hold the answers that Henry is looking for in his quest to end his marriage to Catherine. He can finally marry Anne, making her the next Queen of England. This will possibly bring him what he most desires... a legitimate male heir to the throne of England."

John Bloom, guilde master of the Guilde of Sainte Marie, is heading the historical entertainment and will be playing King Henry VIII at the festival.

"Catherine of Aragon will be there, but she is disposed," Bloom said. "She is now known as the Dowager Princess of Wales. And we have the queen of the consort, who has not been officially been made queen, but this is the year...that Henry announced his engagement to Anne Boleyn and the fact that he intended to marry her."

Recreation director Brenda Daverin described the goal of the event.

"We do this fair to promote the Arts and History," Daverin said. "This is a family-friendly event. As we have more technology in this world, it is more fun to see how things used to be, such as period dress and handmade items by ancient craftsmen."

Merchant vendors will sell items like jewelry, 3-D wood puzzles, fantasy weapons, hair garlands, pirate gear, hats, spices, home remedies and children's garb. Available food includes turkey legs, corn on the cob, bangers, dragon meat (like a sloppy joe), Chinese barbecue, Greek salads and gyros.

Daverin said popular activities among children are climbing on Grandpa Morgan's pirate ship, seeing a Norse Viking ship replica, learning to duel with the "Dueling Dames" theater group, and practicing archery.

The High Desert Club will also have a model train show, Daverin said.

"It is kind of a drive to get to California City so we wanted the extra incentive to have patrons make the trip," Daverin said. "This show takes two days to set up the display. It is no small feat to have a continuous track around the edge of the basketball gym. The Train Show Club loves an audience and wanted to share its 3-D art with as much as the public as possible."

A diorama of the Renaissance Fair will also be on display. The replica was created by Cal City councilman Chuck McGuire and won first place and best in show in its category at the Antelope Valley Fair.

Admission tickets cost $5 but are $1 off for students and seniors and children under age 5 are free.

Contact Daverin for more information on the event, 760-373-3530, or visit On the cover

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