• Drama Day campers are having fun while rehearsing their skit.

    Drama Day Camp offers fun in July

    Tehachapi Community Theatre (TCT) will hold a Drama Day Camp this summer directed by Monica Nadon. “Campers” will have fun while learning the basics of acting for the theatre. Participants will learn theatre games that are not only fun, but help build confidence in performing. Campers will also

  • 'DNA' auditions set for July 10, 11 & 12

    The new TCT season is being launched with "DNA" by Dennis Kelly, the story about of a group of teenagers who hang out together. The play begins after a catastrophe where the group’s antics spiraled out of control and, for one poor guy, things ended very badly. The author provides us with

  • Taiko Drumming featured at Cub Lake

    Bear Valley Cultural Arts Association is pleased to present a free concert of Taiko drumming at Cub Lake on July 11, from 3 to 4 p.m. Bring your chairs and refreshments, if you like, and prepare for something entirely new. Kristofer Bergstrom and Jason Osajima from the Los Angeles Taiko Institute

  • Learning Center announces free classes

    College Community Services – The Learning Center, located at 107 S. Mill St., Ste. B, offers free classes to people whose lives have been affected by mental illness or substance abuse and mental illness. The Learning Center is open Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. The following classes

  • Marget Willer and Donna Fishman were enthused by the message from Eugene Suksi when he spoke to Kiwanis about Tehachapi Hospital.

    Good news about the hospital

    Kiwanis members at a recent meeting were encouraged about the status of the hospital construction by Eugene Suksi, CEO of Tehahchapi Health Care District. He explained that the District has only enough funds to complete a hospital limited in equipment and services which would be inadequate for the


  • Rory Todd Turner, 1965 — 2015

    Rory Todd Turner, 1965 — 2015

    Family and friends are mourning the loss of Rory Todd Turner, 50, who was born on March 12, 1965, in Redlands and passed away on June 19 in Tehachapi. Rory moved from Redlands to Tehachapi with his parents and sister in 1969 where he attended school here and worked with his father. Rory returned

  • Donald H. Whitbeck, Jr., 1932 - 2015

    Donald H. Whitbeck, Jr., 1932 - 2015

    Don Whitbeck, Jr. was born on Jan. 1, 1932, to Donald H. Whitbeck, Sr. and Mioma Whitbeck in Oklahoma City, Okla. He married his first wife Janet on Sept. 5, 1954. He lived in Alliance, Ohio, where he attended Mount Union College. He majored in psychology and received his Bachelor’s Degree. He was

  • Ronald Jacob Jensen, 1959 – 2015

    Ronald Jacob Jensen, 1959 – 2015

    Ronald (Ron/RJ) Jacob Jensen, 55, passed away on June 5, 2015, at his home in Tehachapi. He was born in San Jose, to Gerald Jensen and Barbara Baugh (Montgomery) on Sept. 10, 1959. Ron spent his childhood years in Campbell, and then moved to La Crescenta, for his teenage years. During the last 30

  • Barbara Collette, 1934 - 2015

    Barbara Collette, 1934 - 2015

    The Gates of Heaven opened up for a beautiful angel, Barbara Ann Collette, 81, on June 16, 2015, in Bakersfield. She passed away peacefully with family members by her side. A memorial service will be held at the Church of the Nazarene in Tehachapi, on Monday, June 22, 2015, at 10:30 a.m., and will

  • Harry Francis Haas, Sr., 1928 - 2015

    Harry Francis Haas, Sr., 1928 - 2015

    Harry F. Haas, Sr. of Tehachapi passed away on June 10, 2015, his 87th birthday. Harry was born on June 10, 1928, in Marion, Kan., to parents William J. and Irene (Weber) Haas. Harry served as a police officer for San Diego for 27 years. He moved to Tehachapi in 1980, to continue his passion of


  • Claudia Elliot, Tehachapi News Editor

    Water and Tehachapi; looking back and forward

    It was the day after my 22nd birthday, a cold Tehachapi afternoon, with the wind biting the hands and faces of all those gathered on the embankment above the freshly excavated ground that would become Jacobsen Reservoir, also known as Brite Lake.

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Healthcare key to economy

    Elsewhere in this week's paper you'll find a 16-page pull-out section we've prepared to commemorate the creation of the Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District 50 years ago. That was a momentous occasion, but we have something of near-equal proportion facing the community right now,

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Setting the record straight

    It's not often that we encounter a sports story that is controversial. Usually we just report the results with some highlights of the game. Unlike many newspapers, we have the luxury of only covering one high school sports program and I have to admit that we can get a little too parochial

  • Now and Then: Time to look at how we handle policing

    Last week I wrote about two important components of the infrastructure we look to government to provide -- or at least to manage in a way that makes it practical for us all -- water and waste (also known as sewer or septic, although the septic has largely been unmanaged locally except through

  • Claudia Elliot

    Now and Then: Water and sewage: what's not being said

    Here's the bottom line about water and sewage: we all want clean, fresh water to come out of the tap when we turn it on and we want to be able to flush our toilets without worry about whether what we've just flushed is going to come up in the yard -- and we really don't want to have