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  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:47 PM

    First Friday 'Art Walk' on Oct. 3

    The downtown "First Friday" Art Walk will be held on Oct. 3, from 5 to 8 p.m. A number of downtown shops and restaurants will be open, many offering refreshments and entertainment. All are welcome to attend this free event. Participating in the upcoming event include the following:


  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:45 PM

    Gallery 'n' Gifts hosts metal sculptor Leon Leigh through mid-November

    It has been an exciting year at Gallery 'n' Gifts, with a number of wonderful guest artist programs. The Gallery celebrated its 35th Anniversary in September and has an extraordinary artist lined up for October's First Friday.

    The featured artist, Leon Leigh, will continue to show through mid-November in conjunction with the Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce Mixer to be held at Gallery 'n' Gifts on Nov. 12.

  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:45 PM

    One starfish at a time

    Speaker at Community Church Oct. 5 will share opportunities

    You've probably heard some version of this inspirational starfish story: A young man is walking along the ocean and sees a beach on which thousands and thousands of starfish have washed ashore. Further along he sees an old man, walking slowly and stooping often, picking up one starfish after another and tossing each one gently into the ocean.

  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:43 PM

    Expanded Tehachapi Apple Festival set for Oct. 11 and 12

    apple festival 2.jpg

    The 2nd annual Tehachapi Apple Festival has now expanded to two full days with "Appl-ie Goodness" as the theme for this year's event. The festival will be held Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 11 and 12, at the Railroad Park in Downtown Tehachapi. Hours are from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. both days.

  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:43 PM

    Gandy Dancers tour Edwards

    The Tehachapi Gandy Dancers recently toured Edwards Air Force Base. First order of the tour was checking out the aircraft and tower on display at Century Circle. These aircraft, known as the century aircraft, stand in silent tribute to the Air Force of the past; the F-100, F-101, F-102, F-104, F-105 and F-106 Fighters. Also located at Century Circle is an YC-15 Transport aircraft. The tower display is the actual top portion of the old Edwards Flight Tour. Displayed in the window is a cardboard cutout of Captain Glen Edwards, for whom Edwards Air Force Base is named.

    The Gandy Dancers spent time at the Air Force Flight Test Center Museum. Here, they saw various aircraft on static display. A YA-10B and an NF-4C Fighter stand just outside the front doors to the museum. The YA-10B is the only two-seater A-10 ever made. The NF-4C was the first F-4 ever delivered to the Air Force. Off the end of the museum is the Museum's Air Park in which a B-52 Bomber, F-111, OA-37 Fighters, SR-71 Reconnaissance and a YA-7D Corsair stand with several other historic military aircraft. When the Gandy Dancers finished checking out the open-air displays, they moved inside the museum to see several artifacts from the Muroc days. Muroc was the settlement that preceded the Army Air Corps and eventually Air Force Base. The Gandy Dancers then listened to Steve Zapka, the Base Public Affairs tour guide, who talked about the area and the airspace, which is critical to the military's mission, whether Army, Navy or Air Force.

  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:42 PM

    AAUW welcomes members

    New and returning members were welcomed by American Association of University Women at a delicious luncheon prepared by Mill Street Kitchen. The event was held at Woods Pavilion, and guests enjoyed the shaded area in a beautiful garden.

    AAUW President Sonja Wilson welcomed all in attendance. Program Chairs, Linda Flores and Connie Lynch outlined plans for 2014-15. Jan Combs invited anyone with a two-year or higher degree to pay dues of $85 and become an AAUW member.

  • Tuesday, Sep 30 2014 03:42 PM

    Drama and music will be performed for AAUW

    The Tehachapi High School drama class and the Tehachapi Jazz Band will present a special program for American Association of University Women on Wednesday, Oct. 8, at 4 p.m. The performance will be held in the Drama Building which is on the south end of Tehachapi High School campus behind the cafeteria. Anyone interested in seeing talented students perform is invited to attend this event.

    AAUW supports education in Tehachapi and appreciates what the school and teachers are doing for today's students. Membership in AAUW is open to anyone with a 2 year or higher degree upon payment of $85 dues. Call Jan at 823-9303 for further information.

  • Friday, Sep 26 2014 11:19 AM

    What's that little purple wildflower? I have no idea. . . Oh wait, it's a California Aster

    Pen in Hand #1262 - California Aster 1.jpg

    This week I'm profiling a plant that illustrates the challenge that I face from time to time: it can be difficult to correctly identify an unknown specimen, because there's a LOT of different plants species growing in California. Animals tend to be much easier to ID than plants, simply because there are far more different kinds of plants than there are mammals. For example, California is home to 231 mammal species, but there are an estimated 6,300 plants species in the Golden State!

  • Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 11:13 AM

    Wes Marvin shows his big heart for youth ministry

    Wes Marvin, 23-year-old youth pastor of the Reconnect Youth Group in Stallion Springs, says that every year, as he grows a little older, he grows closer to Christ.

    Also growing is his youth group which meets every Thursday from 6 to 8 p.m., at the Stallion Springs Community Church, located at 18151 St. Andrews Drive.

  • Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 11:11 AM

    Warbirds Over Tehachapi


    For the second year, the City of Tehachapi, Tehachapi Municipal Airport and Friends of the Airport have teamed up to present the 2nd annual Tehachapi Airport Warbird Fly-In. It will take place on Saturday, Sept. 27. The sponsors for this year's event are the City of Tehachapi, Lehigh, Hall Ambulance Service, Vintage Radials, Vintage V-12's, Love's Travel Stop and others.

  • Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 11:10 AM

    Tour of San Andreas Fault offered Sept. 27

    On Saturday, Sept. 27, the Ridge Route Communities Museum will offer a drive-your-own-vehicle tour of the San Andreas Earthquake Fault from the Cuddy Valley area of Frazier Mountain to Gorman.

    Tim Elam, geologist at the Buena Vista Museum of Natural History in Bakersfield, will stop at several places along the way and point out evidence of fault activity, especially in relation to the 1857 quake, the largest one known in California history.

  • Tuesday, Sep 23 2014 11:09 AM

    Rose Garden Estate Weddings offers package for that special day

    Tehachapi is home to the only five star lodging facility in Kern County, according to Lori Weinroth, owner of Rose Garden Estate Weddings and Tehachapi Bed and Breakfast.

    A ribbon cutting ceremony was held Sept. 9 for the dual purpose business, located at 24492 Bear Valley Rd., just short of the Bear Valley entrance gates.

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