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Thursday, Feb 28 2013 11:53 AM

News @ Noon for Feb. 28

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The Tehachapi News presents the News@Noon for Feb. 28, 2013:

The latest news - The Bear Valley Police report that a vehicle hitting a pole near the gate at the entrance to Bear Valley at 12:46 p.m. yesterday caused an a power outage to 3000 customers lasting just over 3 hours in the valley. The power company had to remove the the damaged pole and replace it. The replacement of the pole was completed at 4 a.m. this morning. One person was injured in the crash. No identification of the person or details of the their  condition are available at this time.

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The public safety report is based upon our request to have information from the various agencies each weekday morning, covering the period since our last contact. We appreciate those agencies that are helping us bring you the News@Noon.

Tehachapi Police:

Wednesday, Feb. 27

09:12 THREATS DEATH/BODILY INJURY, Officer initiated activity at Chaparral Lane, Disposition: Advised.

10:26 PARKED VEHICLE Officer initiated activity at Michael Ave., Disposition: No Further Action Required

11:03 DISTURBING THE PEACE Occurred at Gas & Go on E. Tehachapi Blvd., Check on welfare of store owner who was involved in a disturbance with subjects who are no longer there Disturbing parties are two heavyset white males in their 50's one wearing a blue/white t-shirt and both with tattoos on arms. One is leaving in a white Kia. third hand info via records. Disposition: No Criminal Activity.

11:09 WELFARE CHECK REQUEST Occurred at Tehachapi Hospital on W. “E” St. Check on welfare on patient's three children in the lobby. Patient and children live on Mini Court however staff is unable to ascertain further from patient since she is unable to talk. Disposition: Checks Ok.

11:35 TRAFFIC STOP Officer initiated activity at Dollar Tree 2430, Tucker Rd, Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:38 ASSIST OTHER AGENCIES Officer initiated activity at Mobile Estates Park, S. Dennison Rd., Aissist other agency with parole. Disposition: Arrest Made.

14:50 TRAFFIC CONTROL NEEDED Officer initiated activity at Tompkins Elementary, S. Curry St. Disposition: Advised.

15:31 PARKED VEHICLE Officer initiated activity at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, S. Mill St. Disposition: Checks Ok.

15:32 ANIMAL CALL Occurred at Chestnut Court/Alder Ave., two pit bulls (brown and brindle) attacked a black pit that belongs at on Chestnut. Unknown if vicious towards humans. Reporting party provided Kern County Animal Control number. Disposition: Report Taken.

15:35 CITIZEN REQUESTED ASSISTANCE Officer initiated activity at Ranch House Motel, E. Tehachapi Blvd. Out with one to the rear of Motel. Disposition: Assisted.

16:47 DISTURBING THE PEACE Occurred at W. “E” St./S. Pauley St. Silver late model Mustang on scene playing loud music. Disposition: Unable to Locate.

16:50 PETTY THEFT LESS THAN $400 Occurred at Save Mart on Tucker Rd., White male just left the business with stolen beer and formula concealed in a covered baby carrier. Left stores in a tan older Toyota Camery unknown direction of travel. Last seen wearing black shirt, jeans, dark hair approx 5' 11" average build. Disposition: Situation Resolved.

17:02 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES Occurred on S. Hayes St. States that adult male and female came to his home asking to buy items the subject has stored on the side of the house. Concerned the subjects were possibly casing the neighborhood. White male adult late 20's 5' 8” average build last seen wearing a dark hoodie. White female adult 20's 5' 5” thin build blond hair last seen wearing dark hoodie and jeans. Subject on foot last seen heading west down the alley towards central park. Disposition: Unable to Locate.

17:20 CITIZEN REQUESTED ASSISTANCE Officer initiated activity at Mulberry Villa Apartments, W. “E' St. Disposition: Advised.

19:02 SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES Occurred at W. “I” St./N. Curry St. Reporting party states there is a pick up in the area that has been coming and going, also picking up and dropping off juveniles between Curry and Green vehhicle is stopped. Disposition: Unable to Locate.

19:35 DISOBEDIENCE OF COURT ORDER Occurred on S. Davis St. Daughter's ex boyfriend has stated that he will be watching her and will hire people to watch her. Reporting party has been seeing an unknown older model white chevy with camper shell driving back and forth and loitering in the area. Daughter does have a temporary restraining order against the ex-boyfriend. Disposition: Information Only.

20:56 BURGLARY ALARM Occurred at Icon Aircraft on Commercial Way. Downstairs alarm. Disposition: No Further Action Required

21:17  PARKED VEHICLE Officer initiated activity at S. Alder Ave./Clasico Dr. Disposition: Checks Ok.

21:58 BURGLARY ALARM Occurred on Mulberry St. General burglary alarm/ could not provide proper authorization. Disposition: False Alarm.

22:14 PEDESTRIAN CHECK Officer initiated activity at B&B Liquor, W. Tehachapi Blvd. Disposition: Arrest Made.

23:03 AUTO ACCIDENT - NO INJURIES/PROPERTY Occurred at Love's Truck Stop on E. Tehachapi Blvd. Cellular 911 Call: Reporting party and second party will be in the North east parking lot. Disposition: Report Taken.

23:48 PEDESTRIAN CHECK Officer initiated activity at Santa Fe Motel, W. Tehachapi Blvd., Disposition: Checks Ok.

06:53 TRAFFIC CONTROL NEEDED Officer initiated activity at E. Valley Blvd./Snyder Ave. Disposition: No Further Action Required .

07:55 TRAFFIC CONTROL NEEDED Officer initiated activity at Tompkins Elementary, S. Curry St.

08:17 TRAFFIC STOP Officer initiated activity at Kmart, W. Tehachapi Blvd. Disposition: Warning

Kern County Sheriffs department Tehachapi Substation: Nothing to report

California Highway Patrol: Nothing to report

Stallion Springs Police Department: Nothing to report

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