Together inspired. That's just one of the goals of Adventist Health's new branding.

“We wanted to have a new logo so everyone would know we are all under one umbrella,” said Teresa Adamo, marketing director for Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley. “Our new mission is one vision, one Adventist Health.”

Speaking at a rebranding event held Jan. 31, many Adventist Health representatives highlighted their commitment to the partnership with the Tehachapi Healthcare District. The new branding will have the same look for all of Adventist Health's 20 hospitals in four states. The company has been around for more than 100 years.

Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley is the new name for the local district. All others will reflect the corporate name, along with the location. Tehachapi was the second in the renaming rollout. San Joaquin Community Hospital, now known as Adventist Health Bakersfield, was the first. The rest will be renamed over the course of about six months.

“We want all our employees to feel inspired to work here,” Adamo said. “This rebranding is fresh and modern. We want everyone to know we are all connected.”

Adventist Health and the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District began forming a partnership about two years ago when it became clear public bond money would not fully pay for the new hospital. With the partnership that was solidified last November, Adventist Health contributed almost $30 million to the $60 million in bond money to complete the new facility. The new hospital should open this summer.

The Jan. 31 event showcased the new logo, with bright blue, green and orange in a leaf motif, along with the name. The middle of the leaf looks like a spark. Some have noticed a cross within the leaf, a reflection of the company's faith-based inspiration.

“We're trying to convey a higher level of care,” said Jimmy Phillips, executive director of marketing for Adventist Health. “We can learn from our successes and failures from all the different partners. Our mission for our patients is 'health, wholeness and hope.' We want to treat the physical and spiritual well-being of our patients. This is what healthcare should be all about.”

Joshua Cowan, another Adventist Health official, talked about a “family feel” in Tehachapi.

“This is a wonderful community and it has been waiting years for a new hospital,” he said. “Our sister hospitals can help add quality here. Our vision is to improve the physical, spiritual, mental health of the community. We're living God's love by inspiring health, wholeness and hope. We are a hospital dedicated to excellence both inside and outside the hospital.”

Tehachapi Valley's Chief Nursing Officer Juliana Kirby said she is excited by the partnership with Adventist Health.

“This has been a long, arduous journey,” she said. “The inside of the hospital looks like something you would see in a TV show; it's so nice. We will have so many resources for care with all the other hospitals.”

Kirby also said it was nice the new hospital will include a chapel.

“Many places are government owned and you can't attend to the spiritual aspect,” she said. “Our cultures match. This is nice.”

David Eastman, interim president of Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley, reported the organization will be involved with outside activities such as a heart health event on June 11, and Relay for Life on July 8.

“We have a commitment to the community,” he said. “This hospital has been a dream for everyone for a long, long time. The potential is unlimited.”

The company also unveiled a commercial that will showcase in Kern County during the Super Bowl, along with a video of how the City of Tehachapi, the TVHD and Adventist Health worked together to make the partnership a reality.

The video can be viewed on the Adventist Health Tehachapi Valley Facebook page, along with other information on the company.