Many residents have been complaining about having little to no service from AT&T in downtown Tehachapi and surrounding areas for the past week.

"I have no service, none whatsoever," Greater Tehachapi Chamber of Commerce President Ida Perkins said. "It's tough because I rely on my cell phone not only for personal use, but for work.”

Since Friday, Jan. 6, Perkins said, she has been able to get "one bar at the post office, and it only lasted a second."

When contacted by a reporter, an AT&T spokeswoman initially said that the problem occurred because of a "software-related issue" during the weekend of Jan. 7 and 8, but had been resolved.

However, when told that many residents were still complaining about little to no service, a different AT&T spokeswoman provided the following information:

"Due to a software-related issue with a cell site in the area, some customers in the Sand Canyon/Tehachapi area may be experiencing intermittent issues with their wireless voice service," Meredith Red wrote in an email on Wednesday, Jan. 11. "Our technicians are working to resolve the problem but weather has slowed that effort. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and are working as quickly and safely as possible to restore service."

No estimated completion time was given by AT&T.

Other customers have had issues with their text messages, but not their call reception.

Marty Pay, a Farmer's Insurance broker and owner of the Tehachapi branch, said he has "been getting messages hours after they were sent" for the past week.

"Any time somebody wants to text you, they aren't wanting a three-hour window," Pay said. "It's supposed to be instant service."

Pay said any time he has tried to contact AT&T to find out what is wrong with his service, he has been put on hold for more than an hour.

"You can't get through (to AT&T customer service)," Pay said. 

Perkins said she hasn't tried calling AT&T customer service for that exact reason.

"I haven't even bothered," Perkins said. "No one is getting anywhere with them (AT&T)."