District Manager Michelle Vance of the Tehachapi Valley Recreation & Park District provides background on the area's recreation facilities at the special board meeting Thursday, July 19, to discuss the TVRPD Revitalization Plan that would be funded with a $43 million bond.

The Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Park District Board of Directors voted Tuesday night to place a $43 million general obligation bond on the November ballot before registered voters in the district. The bond would fund a revitalization of facilities and include construction of a new community center. 

The community has remained engaged throughout the planning process, attending five public meetings regarding the project. Even after approximately 70 people came out to last week's final presentation on the revitalization plan, there was a full room of about 30 people in the district office Tuesday who came to see the vote and share their final thoughts. 

"I love the dialogue...It's been really healthy for Tehachapi," said TVRPD District Manager Michelle Vance.

The four present board members voted unanimously on the bond, with one not present because of a family obligation. 

The bond requires a two-thirds vote in order to pass, and would cost property owners in the district an estimated $39 per year over 30 years for $100,000 of assessed property value. With interest, the total project comes to a cost of $86 million. 

Managing Principal Jon Isom of Isom Advisors, the firm handling the bond, said that in is experience, the interest and tax rates end up being less than the "conservative" projections.

After the vote, the board expressed that the public will be continually updated throughout the project if the bond is passed.

"There's a long, hard road ahead of us," said Ian Steele, a TVRPD board member.

Editor's Note: This report was updated at 9:40 p.m. Tuesday to reflect that the total cost of the project with principal and interest is $86 million.