capital hills

The Capital Hills Specific Plan shows the area where California High-Speed Rail could be built in the area north of Highway 58.

Growth is underway in Tehachapi, so the city is planning for the future — even in areas not yet developed.

The Tehachapi City Council on Jan. 7 unanimously approved a new Capital Hills Specific Plan that outlines zoning requirements for natural and protected land, residential homes, commercial and high-speed rail in land north of Highway 58.

The Capital Hills Specific Plan needed an update, since the last version was adopted in 1989, said Jay Schlosser, the city's development services director for the city. The plan covers 1,918 acres of land between Capital Hills Parkway, Mill Street and Dennison Road.

“The intent of the specific plan is to do what the zoning code has done for the city, which is to lay out a concept circulation for the roadways and paths that might serve that area and then to layout zoning for all land between those roads so you can envision what a community might end up developing in that area to be,” Schlosser said.

The plan protects oak trees in the area and fits with zoning requirements in the Tehachapi General Plan 2012 and “highlighted our desire to allow growth, but yet to do our best to maintain a small town character,” Schlosser added.

The plans are preparation for the development of the land and the impact that the California High-Speed Rail project could have on the property. The project is shown in the specific plan to travel across the properties in the Capital Hills area, if built in the future.

The city received $80,000 in funding for the revision of the plan from the California High-Speed Rail Authority, said Schlosser after the meeting.

Councilman Kenneth R. Hetge asked how the plan would be impacted if high-speed rail came to the area.

Schlosser said that the plan looks at variations of how the areas can be modified in case high-speed is realized. Noise levels and additional land uses are also shown.