Greg Garrett mug

Tehachapi City Manager Greg Garrett

In a weekly update with Tehachapi News, City Manager Greg Garrett said he was proud to announce the city coffers are in good shape for the next five years.

"Our budget is balanced... our budget has reserves," said Garrett.

In addition, Garrett said the budget, approved by City Council May 18, does not include any cuts to current services or reduction to staffing levels.

Said Garrett, "We continue to do our due diligence, and budget conservatively. We continue to spend our money wisely, and because of that, Tehachapi is in good shape."

The city nanager referred to the budget as a "playbook," a set of rules used to engage public services. However, it is subject to amendment.

Asked if the quarantine should be reinstated, what effect would it have on city coffers, Garrett said, "Anything can have an effect on it, in a positive or negative way. We will always have the ability to amend our budget, and we would never spend money that we don't have and make serious mistakes that others have made. We will not do that."

Garrett went on to say he is confident local residents and business owners would adhere to guidelines set forth by the state once Kern County, including Tehachapi, begins to reopen.