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Tehachapi City Manager Greg Garrett

Living in a rural community has its benefits. 

For instance, the number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is relatively low compared to that in Bakersfield.

"Tehachapi continues to hold the line, and our numbers show that," City Manager Greg Garrett said in a weekly interview with Tehachapi News.

According to Garrett, the city of Tehachapi continues its effort to keep local residents informed about the pandemic via its podcasts. Two recent podcasts featured interviews with Tehachapi Unified School District's superintendent, Stacey Larson-Everson, and state Sen. Shannon Grove, R-Bakersfield.

Asked about the status of upcoming events held in Tehachapi during the summer months each year, Garrett said" "In anticipation of annual events, we are right now installing bollards on the corner of Tehachapi Boulevard and Green Street."

The bollard posts will be used as a safety mechanism to block vehicle access to Green Street, as is normal during events such as the Mountain Festival.

"We are going to get back to social events and special events ... and we are making plans, which we are really excited about that," said Garrett.

However, the annual Farmers Market, which opens downtown every Thursday evening starting the first week of May, will not return this year due to the pandemic.

Garrett said the city of Tehachapi will continue to follow the protocol set by Gov. Gavin Newsom regarding the reopening of local events and businesses.

"It's just impossible to say at this point, and we are just winging it. We are relying on the medical community and the health department. Politics come into play, too," Garrett said. "We can't just sit around forever. We got to get back to work. We just need to find that balance, that we as a society is still trying to figure that out. But, I know people are getting restless."