Bob Carey and his wife, Allison, have packed up their motor home and hit the road to embrace the adventures of retirement.

Darla A. Baker / Tehachapi News

When we shared Bob Carey's story on the Tehachapi News Facebook page, readers reacted to his recent retirement after hanging up his scissors as a longstanding local barber.

Here are some of the comments, with light editing for spelling and clarity. You can add your thoughts on our Facebook page.

Travis Slattery: First haircut I ever got was from Bob.

Dan Andre: I had the honor to have my hair cut by Bob. Have a great time in retirement, sir. We'll miss you.

Margo Henry: Thanks for many years of FlatTops, Bob...enjoy retirement!

Sherry Lynn Dittrich: Lucky Bob!

Rita Sanchez: Awesome barber! Enjoy retirement.

Tim Reynolds: Bob is truly a Tehachapi icon. He cut my boys' and my hair for years. Always great conversation and laughs in the shop. He will be missed in the community.

Darrell Williams: Have a great retirement Bob and relax. If you guys ever get down to Yuma between the 1st of November and the 1st of April, let me know you're there.

Wendy Clare: Such a good guy! Blessings on him and his wife as they enjoy a well-earned retirement!

George Bathgate: You will be missed Bob, I guess I'll have another one of your children cut my hair. Enjoy your retirement!

Jenna Alba: Love you Papa Bob!

Rebecca Shrader-Krause: Enjoy retirement Bob.

Jillian Garness Lenny Dehart: He used to give us candy when you went for a cut!

Sharon Rae van Roggen: Congrats Bob, enjoy retirement.

Joseph Butler: Good luck and the two of you have fun!!!

Nancy Valle Cortez: Bob, Have A Blast :)

Paul Nelson: Best of luck to you and your Bob.

Rick Beck: Good luck Bob and Allison and I'll see you in the morning Moe!

Bob Winger: Going to Bob's Barber Shop is always a comfort destination. Sure Bob made you look better, but you felt better too. Bob's regular customers told stories mixed with a few jokes and the smiles came easy. We owe this all to Bob the man..the legend..the barber.

Robert Walker Sr.: Well deserved.

Sheila Hamilton Townsend: You will be missed Bob, best of luck on your new adventure.

Shirley Given: My husband appreciated the fact you could cut a really great flat top. I thank you for the upholstery work you did for me. Enjoy you retirement. Every moment counts.