He may only have two legs, but Franklin M. Mutt gives great kisses.

That's what the double-amputee canine's adoptive mother found out Tuesday when she traveled from Orange County to pick up her new fur baby.

Danielle Caillouette said she first saw Franklin on Marley's Mutts' Facebook page for Pawsitive Change.

"It was love at first sight," Caillouette said the following day. "I knew he was meant to be mine."

After driving to Tehachapi, Caillouette spent her first night with Franklin at the home of his adoptive parents, Mark Fox and Tricia Sasaki. Instead of sleeping in his crate, Franklin's new mommy invited him to sleep with her.

"It was awesome. We got to cuddle last night in bed. Then I put him in his wheelchair and we just hung out," Caillouette said.

Caillouette adopted Franklin five months after losing her fur baby of nine years to cancer, and she was getting over the heartbreak.

Franklin first came to Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue in August of last year. He was taken to UC Davis Small Animal Clinic as a puppy after doctors suspected he was thrown out of the back of a moving pickup truck, which eventually led to the amputation of both of his front legs.

Although she has never owned a pet with disabilities like Franklin's, Caillouette said she thought caring for such an animal would be more difficult.

"He is still so capable of a lot," she said. "There are going to be a few things that are going to be harder than a normal dog, but he has a great temperament."

Part of the adoptive process was learning how to care for Franklin, which is why his new mom spent the first night with Franklin's foster parents.

"The kinds of things that she (Caillouette) should know are unexpected when it comes to a two-legged dog, like he is pretty heavy," said foster mom Sasaki.

In addition to a custom-built wheelchair, which Franklin is still learning to use, he has been fitted with a harness so that he can be assisted while walking on his hind legs.

"I'm really going to get an upper-body workout whenever we go for walks," laughed Caillouette.

According to his foster dad, Franklin is also more vulnerable than the average dog.

"Because he is somewhat clumsy and awkward, other dogs don't know what to expect from him ... but he's just a big, lovable monster," said Fox.

Franklin's foster parents, who have had him for the past seven months, say they are going to miss him when he leaves with his new mom.

"We are probably going to cry," said Sasaki. "He is a lot of dog, but he is a lot of dog to love."

According to Lucy Anderson, foster coordinator for Kern County, Marley's Mutts has 123 dogs under its care, of which 35 are currently available for adoption.

For more information on animals available, how to adopt or foster a fur baby, or volunteer opportunities, visit marleysmutts.com. A Facebook page is also available at Marley's Mutts Dog Rescue.

You can also follow Franklin's journey on Facebook at Franklin MMutt.