emt academy

You can get paid training as you learn to become an emergency medical technician.

Hall Ambulance Service has opened recruitment for its EMT Academy, which begins in January. Recruits are full-time employees who learn everything they need to get started working as an emergency medical technician in the Hall Ambulance 9-1-1 system.

The Hall EMT Academy is comprised of classroom and field training in an accelerated 12-week format. Upon completion, graduates will have received their state EMT certificate and will be ready to start building their EMS career.

EMTs administer basic life support, operate ambulances and assist their paramedic-partner on scene with delivering patient care.

The minimum qualifications to apply for the Hall EMT Academy are as follows:

• At least 20 years of age;

• High school diploma or equivalent supplemented by college level course work;

• Successfully obtain EMT Certification from the Hall EMT training program;

• Must be insurable by Hall Ambulance Service’s vehicle insurance provider; and

• Legible handwriting and the ability to use electronic reporting equipment.

To apply for the Hall EMT Academy or to learn more, visit hallamb.com/emt.