The Horse Thief Golf and Country Club, photographed in July 2017, is currently closed. 

The Horse Thief Golf and Country Club has been closed for more than a month and no plans to reopen it have been announced.

It might be sold to a private or public entity in coming months, said Kenn Arnecke, general manager of Horse Thief.

“I think we are close to something happening," Arnecke said. "The owner is waiting on the right group to buy the property and I am waiting on the owner to make a decision.”

More information could be available as soon as this March, he said.

David Aranda, Stallion Springs Community Services District general manager, said in an interview with Tehachapi News that the district reached out to various sources about six weeks ago on the status of the golf course and has not received a reply on whether it is going to be sold or it is in escrow.

The Stallion Springs Community Services District listed the status of the golf course on its Feb. 20 agenda as closed “due to financial difficulties of the owner.” It also stated that the tennis courts and parking lot are in disrepair and the complex is not owned by the district.

The golf course is listed on for $2,835,000 and is 171 acres. The marketing brochure on the website suggested what a future owner could do with the property. The marketing brochure pitches ideas for improving the property, such as adding a 50-room hotel, restaurant, bar, clubhouse, business office and outside patio.

As water for the golf course is needed, the current owner of the course recently “negotiated a long-term water agreement with the California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi which will allow the course to purchase recycled water for under $100/ per acre foot (325,853 gallons),” said the brochure.

B.L. Parriott, the public administration officer for CCI, said, “CCI was providing water until the golf course closed and in the event the golf course reopens we would negotiate the contract with the new owner.”

The Horse Thief Golf and Country Club phone number and website both have been disconnected.