DSC_0005.JPG, 20160831

The front lobby entrance to the new hospital, as of August.

Construction on the new hospital is nearing the end.

Stacey Pray, the project manager, said the finishing touches are underway and presented a PowerPoint show of the new interior.

“The ICU rooms are almost complete and the operating room has all the lights and booms,” she said at a Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District meeting on Dec. 13. “The X-ray rooms have all the equipment installed.”

Pray also reported that the front entrance is complete and includes ADA curb button ramps. The reception area is about done as is the flooring in the corridors, she said.

“We're still working on some of the IT issues and more equipment still needs to be installed,” Pray said. “We then will have some final inspections and training.”

One hang-up, however, is in the pharmacy department.

“New pharmacy regulations have been added since we did our original design,” she said. “That will add a little more time to that area.”

Asked when the hospital might open, she said it depends on how quickly everything is approved by the various regulatory bodies, and then new partner Adventist Health can determine when the facility will open.