Daniel McKie

Daniel McKie was arraigned in Kern County Superior Court on a murder charge in the death of his girlfriend’s son in March 2017. He was sentenced Tuesday.

In between sobs, Daniel McKie told a Kern County Sheriff's Office investigator back on the day his girlfriend's 4-month-old baby died in 2017 that he felt as though the death was his fault.

An audio recording of an interview conducted by Sgt. Kevin Kimmel was played for jurors by Deputy District Attorney David Wilson on Tuesday, highlighting the immense emotional reaction McKie had after Anakin McKie was pronounced dead at their home at the 12900 block of Umtali Road in Tehachapi.

McKie is accused of causing the death of Anakin, the son of his girlfriend. An autopsy determined Anakin had injuries consistent with violent shaking, Wilson said during opening statements last week. 

Daniel McKie told Kimmel he woke up on the morning of Feb. 26, 2017, gave Anakin a bottle, changed him, and put him back to sleep. Daniel McKie also went back to bed, and when he woke back up in the afternoon, Anakin "was cold (and) he wouldn't open up his eyes," Daniel McKie said in the recorded interview. 

"I come back to check on him, he wasn't...he was getting cold, he was turning white, he was coughing up (expletive)," Daniel McKie said. 

Daniel McKie is not the biological father of Anakin, but they share the same last name.

Tuesday morning's prosecution witnesses were primarily investigators from the Kern County Sheriff's Office who were dispatched to the house in Sand Canyon for a baby not breathing. 

KCSO Sgt. Marcus Moncur said McKie "appeared to be emotionally shaken" and was crying after Anakin was pronounced dead. 

Eugene Carpenter, forensic pathologist from the Kern County Coroner's Office, testified Tuesday afternoon that Anakin's injuries were caused during an "adult-inflicted trauma." Many of Anakin's injuries were "sign(s) of violent head trauma," Carpenter said. 

"Infants don't injure themselves," Carpenter said.

Injuries to Anakin's neck, spine and head were consistent with whip-lash-related violence caused by shaking, Carpenter testified.

The defense is attempting to cast doubt in the juror's eyes about McKie's involvement, particularly when it comes to the Facebook post that was written on his account in December 2016. It read, “anyone know how to kill a baby while its (sic) in the hospital?”

The prosecution was expected to rest its case Tuesday, but that is now expected to occur Wednesday.