Parents cheered as Tompkins Elementary School students adorned in white T-shirts ran through brightly colored powder spread by volunteers as they helped raise money for field trips at the 2019 Color Run held Thursday afternoon.

"I liked the color run because all the people get to go and when I run it speeds me up to go faster," said 9-year old Logan Anderson.

Each year, the Tompkins Parent Teacher Organization hosts multiple fundraisers to help pay for field trip transportation and admission to various sites in Kern County. The group hoped to raise $8,000 at the color run event and a total of $13,000 to $15,000 at other events during the year so that kindergarten through fifth-grade students may have an opportunity to visit new places.

“It’s something fun to do as well as raising funds. Kids and teachers can do this no matter if they pay or not,” said Elaine Reece, president of the Tompkins Parent Teacher Group. She added, “This color run is our third year and the kids love it.”

Parents and local businesses can donate, purchase a T-shirt for their child to wear in the Color Run, or buy another fundraising item.

“If we didn’t have the color run and fundraisers, parents would have to pay full price for the field trip admission per student. This way it is only a few dollars versus full price,” Reece said.

For more information on how to donate, call Tompkins Elementary School at 822-2170.