The tech industry has been growing in Tehachapi, with more companies setting up shop, offering their services and bringing in some new jobs. With this growth comes the promise of better internet service and more opportunities for local businesses.

Advanced Network Solutions, an IT support company, had the ribbon cutting for its new Tehachapi location at the end of last month. The owners of Global Communications 2000, based in Sunset Beach, moved to Tehachapi two months ago with plans to expand local services. And Race Communications, a telecommunications company based in the Bay Area, has a Tehachapi headquarters and is offering high-speed internet in county areas like Bear Valley Springs.

"There's an untapped market in Tehachapi right now," said Anthony Tobin, owner of Advanced Network Solutions. 

Tobin said that businesses in the Tehachapi area are in need of IT service and have had to contact Bakersfield-based companies for support. Opening a Tehachapi location is an opportunity for Advanced Network Solutions to work more directly with local businesses and build up a clientele. 

Race Communications and Global Communications 2000 have also had the goal of tapping into the Tehachapi market. Race Communications received a grant to put fiber in unincorporated residential areas of Tehachapi and is now exploring the option of expanding its service to Old Town. Its Tehachapi location opened at the end of March this year.

"It's actually a very central location for us," said Ally Harris, marketing and sales manager for Race. She said that opening this office has allowed easier access to places surrounding Tehachapi like Boron and Mojave. 

Global Communications 2000 Owner Judy Magana has the goal of helping businesses get cost-efficient, high-speed internet and phone service. Unlike Race, her company would work off existing AT&T infrastructure and does not provide residential service.

"I've been here such a short time and I'm already making a difference," Magana said. 

Magana and her husband chose to move to Tehachapi for the small-town atmosphere, the four seasons and the available, affordable housing in the area. She said in the short amount of time here, she has enjoyed getting to know the community and has already been building business.

"There is a lack of technology, but I think that's going to change," Magana said.

These tech companies coming in are also bringing jobs. When Race Communications opened the Tehachapi office, Harris said, the company hosted a job fair and sought out locals familiar with the area. Now, Advanced Network Solutions plans to do the same.

"We want the office to be staffed solely with Tehachapi residents," said Tobin, who added that Advanced Network Solutions intends to make itself a local company.

Although Magana is primarily conducting work in Tehachapi on her own, she is bringing business to the companies she partners with. 

Harris said people in Tehachapi are embracing the new internet service, with average take rates around 50-60 percent. 

"Overall, we've been very happy with our take rates in these communities," Harris said.

Things may take some time to change in Tehachapi as Advanced Network Solutions opens its new office, Magana assists more local businesses and Race explores what can be done in the Old Town area. Either way, these companies are providing greater access to technology.

“You find a need and you fill it, and that’s what I’ve done," Magana said.