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Wednesday, May 14 2014 09:19 AM

Register by May 19 for June 3 election

Voters are likely to see their vote-by-mail ballots for the Tuesday, June 3 gubernatorial primary election popping up soon, as California's Secretary of State issued May 5 as the first day to issue ballots.

Kern County vote-by-mail applications must be received by mail no later than May 27, and the last day to register is May 19. Mail-in ballots can also be dropped off at polling stations.

Potential voters can obtain a vote-by-mail application online at sos.ca.gov/elections/vote-by-mail/pdf/fill-in-vote-by-mail-app-instruct.pdf or at Kern County's website, elections.co.kern.ca.us/Elections/forms/jun14/votebymail.pdf. Voters may also use the application in the voter's sample ballot booklet mailed by the county elections office.

Voter applications can be mailed to Mary B. Bedard, Auditor-Controller/County Clerk, Kern County Elections Division, 1115 Truxtun Avenue, Bakersfield CA 93301, or faxed to 661-868-3768.

Sample ballots have been mailed out and an electronic one can be obtained online at www.co.kern.ca.us/elections.


In addition to governor and other statewide offices, issues on the ballot include Proposition 41, which would approve $600 million in unallocated bonds for homeless veteran assistance in the form of housing facilities. The cost to the state's bond repayments would be $50 million more per year for 15 years.

The other ballot measure is Proposition 42, which would officially require California local governments to comply with the Open Records Act and the Ralph M. Brown Act.

Prop. 42 also means California would no longer be required to reimburse local governments for the costs associated with following state public records or meetings laws.

County offices

Seven of eight county offices will go unopposed, including incumbent Zack Scrivner for Second District Supervisor, incumbent Lisa Green for Kern County District Attorney, incumbent Donny Youngblood for Kern County Sheriff, incumbent Mary Bedard for Kern County Clerk, incumbent Mike Maggard for Third District Supervisor. Jordan Kaufman, an assistant county treasurer, is running unopposed for Kern County Treasurer-Tax Collector.

Christine Lizardi Frazier is rerunning for her seat as Kern County Superintendent of schools unopposed


Three candidates are vying for Kern County's assessor-recorder office: Bakersfield city councilman Russell Johnson, county appraiser Lupe Esquivias, Jr. and county chief deputy appraiser Jon Lifquist.

Retiring Assessor-Recorder Jim Fitch has endorsed Lifquist as have a number of other elected officials including Second District Supervisor Zack Scrivner, Assemblywoman Shannon Grove and Congressman Kevin McCarthy.

Fuller, Grove unopposed

Both state Sen. Jean Fuller (R -- Bakersfield) and Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R -- Bakersfield will run unopposed for their seats.

Fuller runs unopposed for the newly redistricted Senate District 16.

Grove will run against Tehachapi labor representative Mari Goodman, who is running as a Democrat. Grove defeated Goodman in the 2012 election.

In the House of Representatives, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy will rerun for his seat in California's 23rd Congressional District.

McCarthy has write-in challengers

While McCarthy's name is the only one on the ballot, three challengers have pulled paperwork for write-in: Mike Biglay of Tehachapi, Ronald Porter of Ridgecrest and Gail Lightfoot of Arroyo Grande. According to the Kern County elections division, none of the three challengers have turned in nomination paperwork; they have until May 20 to do so.

Polling locations

June 3 poll site locations for the Tehachapi area are:

* Country Oaks Baptist Church, 20915 Schout Road, Tehachapi.

* First Baptist Church, 1049 South Curry Street, Tehachapi.

* Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District, 22901 Banducci Road, Tehachapi.

* United Methodist Church, 20400 Backes Lane, Tehachapi.

* Golden Hills Community Services District, 29500 Reeves Street, Golden Hills.

* Oak Tree Country Club, 29500 North Lower Valley Road, Bear Valley Springs.

* Whiting Center, 26900 Bear Valley Road, Bear Valley Springs.

* Stallion Springs Gymnasium and multi-purpose room, 27850 Stallion Springs Drive, Stallion Springs.

Polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m. on June 3.

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