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Friday, Apr 18 2014 10:41 AM

State Water Project allocations increase to 5 percent

The Department of Water Resources announced on Friday, April 18, that long-term contractors with the State Water Project will be receiving a five percent allocation this year.

It was announced in January, that due to drought conditions, contractors would not receive any water from the SWP.

However, in a letter obtained by the Tehachapi News from the Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District, Carl A. Torgersen, Deputy Director of the Department of Water Resources, said “Based on recent precipitation, runoff, and current water supply conditions, SWP supplies are projected to meet 5% of SWP contractors' requests for Table A water, which totals 4, 172,536 acre-feet.”

As a condition, contractors will receive their allotments after September 1.

According to general manager of TCCWD, John Martin, that is a good thing for Tehachapi's water district.

“It works out for us because we were originally intending to pump until August the carryover water from the aqueduct,” Martin said. “It's a really small fraction of what we need but its really going to help fill the gap in the fall when the [Jacobsen] reservoir is getting really low.”

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