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Thursday, Apr 24 2014 10:23 AM

Steuber Well Project is 'dead'

The Golden Hills Community Services District approved a negative declaration for the Steuber Well Project, which was originally slated to be a joint agency project with the Tehachapi-Cummings County Water District.

However, because the Golden Hills CSD plans on using the well in the future, the required CEQA document was approved a board meeting on Thursday, April 17.

The document was approved unanimously.

The project was initially to be expedited at the request of TCCWD, to help the district meet water demands in a year of prolonged drought.

The project would have given the water district exclusive access to the well for the next few years, and Golden Hills would have reimbursed the water district for the well at a depreciated value.

But when the district opened bids for the project in early April, none were received.

According to officials at the meeting, the well may be drilled sometime in the near future, although no date has been set.

Currently, the district's Irart Well makes up one third of the district's pumping capacity. If that well, which was built in the 1940s, were to shut down, the Steuber Well could serve as a back up.

John Martin, general manager of TCCWD, said the water district would potentially like to use tie the well into the district's main line sometime in the future.

Currently, TCCWD is using water from the Iriart Well to help meet water demands for this year.

While the project will not continue this year, it is possible the water district may use it in future years.

"It would be a case-by-case basis to see how much that would benefit us in the future," Martin said.

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