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Wednesday, Jan 16 2013 10:30 PM

Sheriff's inmate crews clean roadways on east side of Bakersfield

If you've noticed an improvement in the roadsides along Edison Highway or Weedpatch Highway, thank the Kern County Sheriff's Office for using in-custody inmates and those participating in the Sheriff's Virtual Jail work release program for the clean-up.

According to a press release from the KCSO, it is committed to improving the community by using all available resources, including inmates.

The Kern County Waste Management Department expressed a concern of illegal dumping along the road ways on Edison Highway starting at Malaga Road continuing to the Bena Landfill, an area is mostly owned by local farmers.  

In response, the KSCO sought and was given permission by Giumarra Farms to place roll-off bins on their property. Giumarra Farms expressed gratitude with the assistance of combating the illegally dump trash. Local trash haulers provided two roll-off bins for the clean-up.  

In late December the Sheriff’s Community Inmate Work Crew filled both bins with illegally dumped trash.

Local businesses in the area of East Brundage and Weedpatch Highway expressed a concern about transients in the area illegally dumping trash on the Scottsmen's property, which is abandoned, and on the property of Bruce's Truck Stop.  The work crews cleaned these properties and the local patrol deputy coordinated with Kern County Code Compliance to have the trash hauled to the landfill.

The other businesses in the area were reported to be pleased by the response of the KCSO for the clean-up of the eye-sore.

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