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Wednesday, Dec 11 2013 11:30 AM

Janzen to leave BVCSD

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Sandy Janzen, Bear Valley Springs assistant general manager, center, in purple, is flanked by some of her co-workers at the CSD during a luncheon celebrating her ight years of service with the district. Janzen will be relocating to the San Diego. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

Assistant General Manager of the Bear Valley Springs Community Services District, Sandy Janzen, will bid adieu to her home of 37 years.

After serving the community services district for eight years, Janzen will be heading to Southern California to work for the Helix Water District in San Diego County. Her last day at work was Friday, Dec. 6.

"I was just provided an outstanding opportunity," she said.

Janzen, 50, filled multiple positions for the CSD, including board secretary, secretary to the general manager, interim genearl manager, and assistant general manager.

Although she had hoped to retire in Bear Valley and reflects happily on her time spent there — both as a resident and a manager — Janzen said she is looking forward to a new adventure and the convenience of living in a larger city.

"I am definitely going to miss the residents," she said. "They are just really great people; they are considerate and appreciative. They see the light on here late at night and they will send an encouraging word. I'm also going to miss the employees. They end up working here for 20 to 25 years because they are so dedicated to their jobs, whether it's fixing a pot hole or water line," she went on.

Janzen will return regularly to Bear Valley on the weekends because her husband Doyle, who works at Edwards Air Force Base, will remain in the area.

General Manager Jeff Hodge said he greatly enjoyed with Janzen.

"She is just a one of kind, unbelievable person," he said. "She does human resources, board secretary duties, she is really just the matriarch of the district."

Janzen assumed many responsibilities as interim general manager, after former General Manager John Yeakley and former Superintendent of Public Works Clinton Stewart both passed away in 2012, Hodge said.

The Bear Valley CSD's board will discuss how they will fill Janzen's position at their upcoming meeting on Thursday, Dec. 12., he noted.

Janzen spearheaded a number of efforts to lead the CSD, serving as a liaison between employees and managers, and between the community and the board, she said.

"I was instrumental in finalizing the LAFCO detachment from Tehachapi and Bear Mountain Parks and Recreation, bringing nearly $120,000 in property tax revenue to the residents of Bear Valley Springs," she said in an email. "I also negotiated a $90,000 parking lot for the CSD at no cost to the residents, and successfully worked with PG&E on several pipeline projects," she went on.

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