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Wednesday, Jan 22 2014 06:00 AM

Golden Hills recall effort unsuccessful

An attempt to recall all five members of the Board of Directors of the Golden Hills Community Services District has ended unsuccessfully.

Virginia Staabs, the Golden Hills resident who spearheaded the recall effort, said not enough signatures were gathered on the petition to reach the necessary 25 percent of registered voters required to put the matter on the ballot.

After failing to gather the required amount of signatures two weeks ago before deadline for Directors Larry Barrett, Kathy Cassil, and Laura Lynne Wyatt, Staabs said she was also less than 200 short for board members Edwin E. (Ed) Kennedy and Ernest (Bud) Sargent.

"The recall itself ends here, but that doesn't mean our efforts to get some of things we were looking to change," are going to stop, Staabs said.

Staabs said she has called for better communication from the CSD.

The recall was launched in fall of last year when some residents became upset after the board approved to assume authority for its solid waste handling, which is currently provided by the local company, Benz Sanitation.

The recall petitions charged that the board members "are not acting in a manner to serve the best interest of their constituents." Staabs and others have noted that the district previously held a vote and told the CSD it did not want it to take on trash collection.

Of those who voted in 2010, a total of 558 were against the CSD assuming authority over solid waste collection, and 235 were for it.

In response to the number of votes being short to put the recall on the ballot, Director Ed Kennedy said "I just think that the fact that they weren't able to get enough signatures is validation that the folks in the district think we're on the right track."

"At the same time, we also realize there are some concerns on some people's minds and we take that very seriously," he said. "We're taking the steps to address people's concerns. We want to be open and available and we're committed to doing our best," he went on.

In an effort to better communication between the CSD and the community, the board members voted last December to approve the services of Passantino Andersen, a public relations firm based in Lancaster.

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