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Tuesday, Nov 06 2012 06:00 AM

Terry Edwards: another milestone

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Mayor Ed Grimes, at left, with Terisa Edwards and Terry Edwards during last Friday night’s football game where Edwards was honored for attending 400 games in a row. Photo by Michael Duffy

Even if Edwards wasn't keeping track, Tehachapi Mayor and Warriors football announcer Ed Grimes has been doing a count-down all season, leading up to the big 400.

But he was surprised when his son Brian, a Special Forces and Green Beret serviceman flew in from Afghanistan to help celebrate the occasion.

Grimes noted that Edwards hasn't missed a single game — not even away games — since he began attending regularly in the early 1980s.

And, according to an article Tom Shea wrote for the Tehachapi News when Edwards was recognized for attending 300 games in a row, the ultimate Warrior fan can recall attending Warriors games even further back, when games were played on Saturday afternoons, without lights, on the old Imhof Field.

He recalled attending his first game back in the early 40’s when he was 10-11 years old and the players included Dick Johnson (for whom the press box at Coy Burnett Stadium is named), George Koutroulis, Fred Muro and Jessie Peters. 

The every-so-often visits turned into a fall ritual for Edwards in 1980, a Halloween night against the Bishop Broncos, Shea wrote in an earlier article.

"I missed a few games in the early years working at my job at the cement plant, but I still came to games off and on before the streak started." said Edwards.

After watching his son play against the Bishop junior varsity squad in '80, Edwards stuck around for the varsity game, and he has never looked back.

Recognition for Edwards on Friday night included receiving a football that had been signed by all the varsity players, a plaque and a letter of recognition from Supervisor Zack Scrivner, Grimes said.

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