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Wednesday, Oct 10 2012 08:46 AM

Indian Point featured in national tire brand commercial

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The crew prepares for the next shot while David Brust and Director Joe Murray discuss the script during a national tire brand commercial at Indian Point Ostrich Ranch recently. Photo by Ed Gordon

A short program for the Internet was filmed the week of Sept. 17 at Indian Point Ranch Ostrich Farm in the Cummings Valley.

The documentary style commercial for a national tire brand features David Brust, nephew of Indian Point founder Joel Brust and was produced by the advertising agency Marc USA.

According to Lynn Weatherly, vice president and director of broadcast for the agency, the ostrich ranch piece will be part of a series of stories showing how people rely on their vehicles (and tires) to get through every day life.

In planning the series, the company looked for interesting stories to tell and he was impressed by the ostrich ranch, Weatherly said.

"These guys are amazing," he said.

"We weren't aware until we started scouting them and talking to them in advance as to how much story there is behind an ostrich," Weatherly continued. "That's what was fascinating and there's so much benefit from the animal; it's not just about the meat, it's about every aspect of that animal is beneficial to a humans."

He said he hopes the commercial series of short films will develop a following online.

"We're experienced hands at doing commercials," Joel Brust said. "We've done several in the past 20 years, both on and off the ranch. This production was probably the longest, two and a half days, and was probably the most professional that we've ever seen. It's been a wonderful experience and we've met some great people. We look forward to seeing the final product on the Internet."

The Marc USA staff included Andy Kelly as write , David Seman, art director and Joe Murray as director.

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