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Wednesday, Oct 24 2012 09:02 AM

Thefts and burglaries on the rise in Golden Hills

There have been several reports from residents of burglaries in the Golden Hills area over the past few weeks according to the Kern County Sheriff's substation in Golden Hills.

"We are seeing a rise in thefts and burglaries overall, but nothing like we experienced this past spring," Wood said. "We have had five burglaries in Golden Hills in the last 30 days, plus some thefts from unlocked vehicles."

He said an incident on Sept. 24, where property was left in a culvert turned out to be a burglary across the street from the culvert, just across from the school.

"The suspects were either interrupted or could not get the property moved before day light," Wood said. "The victim is in the process of moving into that residence from out of town. We will meet with her next week to see if there is any more to be done on the investigation."

Wood noted that the public should be advised to always take precautions to prevent crime.

"These trends seem to come and go and most of them are crimes of opportunity," he said. "I think citizens should always take the usual precautions of locking doors and windows, not leaving things in plain view and taking valuable items out of their cars at night. That said, we will inform the public if there is something going on that puts them in danger, especially where our children are involved."

Anyone interested in crime trends in their area can go to www.KernSheriff.com and select the "RAIDS Online" link for current crime reports. If someone does not have computer access they can call the substation during business hours and one of our clerks will look the information up for them, Wood added.

The number for the Sheriff's substation is 823-6060.

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