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Wednesday, Oct 24 2012 09:03 AM

Hospital: Project Manager approved

The Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District Board of Directors approved a contract for Project Management Services with Stacy Pray of SHP Project Development of Pasadena during its regular meeting on Oct. 17. Pray and her company have been working with the hospital for several months as a contracted budget consultant.

Hospital CEO Alan Burgess noted that Prey had done an outstanding job as a consultant during that period.

"Now that we're through the lawsuit and we're getting ready to get in to construction its time to put a project manager back in charge of the project and my recommendation is to amend her contract in order to make Stacy our Project Manager," he said.

Dr. Kim Horowitz, a member of the board, said he has been working with Pray as a member of the Building and Planning Committee and also recommended her appointment as Project Manager which was approved by the board unanimously.

Board President Dr. Sam Conklin announced that the building and planning committee is no longer meeting and the oversite of the projects progress will be handled at the pre-construction, construction meeting. Pray will give updates on that in combination with her information from Bernard Columbo, the construction management firm previously engaged by the district.

Attorney for the district, Scott Nave gave a brief recap of the hearing on the lawsuit by Tehachapi Area Critical Landuse Group that was held on Sept. 21. Nave noted that Judge Twissleman gave a very thorough extensive tentative decision going through the petition item by item and ruling in favor of the district in each case.

In other actions six companies responded to a Request for Proposal for Inspector of Record on the new hospital. Four were identified as qualified were interviewed and PIC was selected as the lowest cost qualified bidder.

The board approved a request to go out for bid on a new Patient Cardiac and Vital Signs Monitoring System to replace the current system that parts are no longer available for. The new system can be moved to the new hospital. Once bids are received it will come back to the board for final approval.

The board voted to reschedule its meetings in November and December meetings due to the holidays. The November meeting has been rescheduled to Nov. 14 and the December meeting to Dec. 12. Both meetings will start at 6 p.m. at the Golden Hills CSD building.

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