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Saturday, Sep 22 2012 04:55 AM

Tehachapi enjoys Endeavour fly-over

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Space shuttle Endeavour flying over Bear Valley Springs on its way to California Science Center. Submitted by Kevin Rohrer, Chief, Strategic Communications NASA Dryden Flight Research Center

Andy McMillin snaps a few photos of the shuttle along Tehachapi Boulevard. Photo by Matthew Martz, Tehachapi News

Neighbors Tony Montana and Shirley Guidry talk about their space shuttle sighting. Photo by Matthew Martz, Tehachapi News

Dennis Cornelius shared this photo he captured as the Space Shuttle Endeavour was on display in the sky over Tehachapi on Friday, Sept. 21.

John R. Dyer caught this photo of the Endeavour in the skies over Tehachapi on Friday, Sept. 21.

Austin Miller shared this shot of the Endeavour in Mojave on Friday, Sept. 21.

Nancy Valle Cortez caught this shot of the Endeavour from her yard on North Green Street in Tehachapi on Friday, Sept. 21.

Anticipation was building, as residents lined up along Tehachapi Boulevard Friday morning to catch a glimpse of history.

And when it comes to fans of space flight, few are as dedicated as Tehachapi resident Andy McMillin, who who worked on the shuttle program during his 40 years at TRW in Redondo Beach.

"I was never able to get to Edwards to see any of the landings or to any of the launches," he said with camera in hand. "I figured this would be the only time I would get to see one, and I am very happy."

McMillin was only one of hundreds who watched in awe as space shuttle‪ Endeavour ‬made its low-altitude pass over the Tehachapi Valley at 8:56 a.m. on Friday.

"It's always exciting to see it, and it brings a little chill through your body," said Tony Montana who had already seen the shuttle at close range a few times. 

"From day one, when they first started the program I have always followed them closely, and this always brings things to life."

Montana's neighbor Shirley Guidry said seeing the shuttle was very interesting.

"It was our history,” she added. “And we should be proud of it."

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