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Wednesday, Mar 19 2014 06:00 AM

School board hears from Cummings Valley students

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Gabriella Gutteriez, 3rd grader, gave a presentation about bobcats.

Sierra Lander, 4th grader, gave a video presentation on the Mission San Luis Obisbo de Tolosa.

Chloe Richmond, left, and Kara Benson, 5th graders, performed an oral presentation entitled "Riding Freedom."

Alaina Riggs, 4th grader, gave an oral presentation entitled "Where's Sarah?"

Students with the Cummings Valley Elementary School gave several talented presentations at the Tehachapi Unified School District's board meeting on Tuesday, March 12.

Alaina Riggs, of Julia Robson's 4th grade class, proved how big things can be found in little packages with her oral presentation entitled "Where's Sarah," a moving fictional piece about a sister who had passed away. "My mom explained to me that Sarah would not come back, not ever," recited Riggs.

Riggs placed first in both district and regional competitions for her piece under the catagory of "Solo Serious" and third in the county oral competition held on Feb. 22.

Chloe Richmond and Kara Benson, both of Kelly Sherwood's 5th grade class, treated board members to an oral presentation entitled "Riding Freedom." The girls placed first in both district and regional competitions under the category of "Serious Duo" for their lively piece.

Sierra Lander, of Don Thiesse's 4th grade class, starred in a video presentation about the Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa. "I think the Mission treated the Indians like slaves and took away their freedom, but they helped settle California," said Lander.

Gabriela Gutierrez, of Lisa Young's 3rd grade class, gave about bobcats.

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