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Thursday, Jan 26 2012 01:48 PM

New acting Warden at CCI

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Kim Holland is the new Acting Warden at the California Correctional Institution. Mike Stainer, the former Acting Warden who was formally appointed to the Warden’s position by Gov. Jerry Brown on Jan. 17, is on assignment as Acting Associate Director of the California Dept. of Corrections and Rehabilitation in Sacramento. Holland was introduced at a recent meeting of the CCI Citizens Advisory Committee.

Newly appointed Acting Warden Kim Holland was introduced at the Jan. 17 meeting of the Citizens Advisory Committee at the California Correctional Institution.

Holland replaces Michael Stainer who has temporarily been stationed in Sacramento as Acting Associate Director. Stainer had been Acting Warden since December 2010 and was formally appointed as Warden at CCI by Gov. Jerry Brown on Jan. 17.

In addition to five other CCI staff members, other attendees at the Citizens Advisory Committee meeting were Tehachapi Police Chief Jeff Kermode, Michelle Vance, field representative for Second District Kern County Supervisor Zack Scrivner, Romeo Agbalog from Senator Jean Fuller’s office and Javier Reyes from Assemblywoman Shannon Grove’s office.

Holland reported that the Strategic Offender Management System (SOMS) is fully rolled out as far as at the ground level.

“It’s actually going very good,” she said. “We haven’t had any major issues with it.”

SOMS is a project of the CDCR that will consolidate existing databases and records to provide a fully automated system and replace manual paper processes. According to the department’s website, the project will upgrade and standardize adult and parole data and population management practices enterprise-wide to further enhance staff, offender and public safety.

In a report about activities at the prison, Holland said the Facility C Reception Center has had riots dating back to June with certain populations.

 “We’ve tried over the course of time to get back to our normal programs,” Holland said. “[we’ve had] a lot of interviewing a lot of searching and we’ll continue to strive to give [inmates in the facility] some sort of program. They are due to transition out.” The CDCR statewide realignment will eliminate CCI’s Reception Center, she noted.

“The busses for the conversion are scheduled to arrive in the beginning of February, but may actually arrive earlier,” she noted. “That will start the process of changing from reception to a Level 3 Sensitive Need yard. When the transitions complete, Tehachapi CCI will no longer act as a reception center.”

Holland noted that the institution’s current population has decreased by about 900 prisoners due to the implementation of AB 109.

She said the first phase of the solar plant at CCI is now online, providing approximately one megawatt of power. When the project is complete it will total five megawatts covering 37 acres hidden between the hills just to the east of the main facility.

Kermode reported to the group that he is working on the planning for a new police facility in town.

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