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Wednesday, Sep 26 2012 08:05 AM

Board effectively scraps 'wind map'

Without taking a vote, the Kern County Board of Supervisors effectively scrapped the so-called “wind map” under development for the past 10 months, despite support from Chairman Zach Scrivner – who represents the Tehachapi area – for a map that would have restricted wind development in certain areas.

A staff report provided the board with three options:

A – Public policy direction from the board letting the public and potential wind developers .

B – Amend the county zoning ordinance with a map that would specify both an “inclusion zone” and an “exclusion zone.”

C – Take no action to adopt a “wind map,” leaving things exactly as they were when the board instructed the county planning department to develop a map in January.

Following lengthy testimony from the public, Scrivner stated his support for Option B and also outlined specific concerns for the Tehachapi area.  He said he will not support wind development in areas covered by the Greater Tehachapi Area Specific Plan, the Sand Canyon Specific Plan, the property near the Jawbone Canyon area owned by the City of Vernon and also recommended that a new line be drawn that would essentially keep further wind development out of an area south of Highway 58 and west of Tehachapi-Willow Springs Road (with the line moved south to Highline Road).

His fellow board members were not supportive of Option B, however, each expressing concern that they want the ability to consider projects on their own merits and not “signal” their positions on future wind development.

It was clear that the consensus of the board was for no map and County Counsel indicated that no vote was necessary to maintain the status quo, thus the meeting was adjourned with no action.

See next week’s Tehachapi News for a more detailed report.

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