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Wednesday, Feb 09 2011 02:36 PM

An interview with photo contest winner Diana Palmer

The Tehachapi News met up with photographer Diana Palmer in our ongoing quest to bring you news about local artists, their works, achievements and awards. Palmer just took “Best of Show” in the Gallery and Gifts 2011 Photo Contest. Answering passionately, she took time for an interview with the Tehachapi News.

TN: This [her winning entry] is a fine example of the capabilities that exist utilizing the computer for creating art. How many computer steps were used for creating this photograph?

DP: There were three basic photographs. The first was of Tehachapi’s wild horses that live in the Oak Creek Canyon area; the second was of the windmills that form the background of the photo, and finally the glass bowl. I placed the glass bowl on my porch railing and photographed the background through it. I actually took the horse photo back in 2009 and was waiting for an opportunity to use it. I then utilized my computer to blend and superimpose all the photos together.

TN: What digital programs were used to create this award-winning photo?

DP: Photoshop CS-5. I am basically self taught and started out in 1995 or 96 with Photoshop 2.0. I did have the opportunity to take a few classes when my employer at the time, Zond Energy Systems asked me to, as it related to my job.

TN: The print is beautifully made. Who printed it?

DP: I do have a Canon MP 916 at home; it can print up to an 8.5 by 14 inch print. However, this print was done commercially here in Tehachapi.

TN: What camera do you use? Is it film or digital?

DP: I’m an old film shooter originally. I have a beautiful Nikon whose model number escapes me. I now shoot with a Canon Rebel and two basic lenses which are an 18-55 mm lens and a 100-300mm. Both zooms work well for most of my needs.

TN: White balance is so crucial to the finished look. Do you adjust and preset yours in the camera or wait to correct it in Photoshop?

DP: I do shoot a lot in “auto,” but I try to work my white balance from the camera menu options. I try not to have to correct later in the computer.

TN: While driving have you ever suddenly turned around and gone back to take a photograph?

DP: Oh yes, I have been known to yell at my husband (the driver) to “quick, turn around!” and he patiently does.

TN: If I were to look in your camera bag, what would I find?

DP: Well...my Rebel camera, of course, along with my lenses, a cleaning cloth, tube of Chapstick and a hair clip for those windy days. I also have a tripod that I carry along.

Diana Palmer and her husband live in Oak Creek Canyon and are resident caretakers for several thousand acres of land owned by the Portland Cement Company.

Becoming known as a “City of the Arts,” the city of Tehachapi continues to be recognized for a community rich in cultural and artistic diversity.

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