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Wednesday, Feb 20 2013 08:06 AM

Highway has reopened

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A city worker plows snow on E. F Street downtown on Wednesday morning. Tehachapi News photo

Dawn Carpenter and her daughter Autumn were out for a walk in the snow in downtown Tehachapi early Wednesday morning. Tehachapi News photo

Dorothy and Bob Hardy take a break for coffee at Kelcy's Restaurant in downtown Tehachapi on Wednesday morning after coming in to town from their Bear Valley Springs home to take photos of historic buildings in the snow. Tehachapi News photo

The benches along haircut row along South Green Street in downtown Tehachapi were filled with snow on Wednesday morning. Tehachapi News photo

Historic homes in downtown Tehachapi were frosted with snow on Wednesday morning. Tehachapi News photo

The Tehachapi Museum in snow on Wednesday morning. Tehachapi News photo

Highway 58 through Tehachapi has now been reopened following closure at 9 p.m. on Tuesday night due to a storm that dumped at least six inches of snow in the Tehachapi Valley overnight with more at the higher elevations.

In downtown Tehachapi, city and CalTrans plows were at work this morning to clear the streets as a light snow continued to fall. According to the National Weather Service, there is a slight chance of snow for the remainder of the day, along with a wind advisory.

Tehachapi schools and many businesses are closed today, but there were signs of life in downtown Tehachapi this morning.

Kelcy's Restaurant opened on time this morning with customers waiting to get in.

One man who lives in Bear Valley Springs said he saw a number of cars on the roadside, stuck in snow, as he drove into town.

Someone from Tehachapi Hospital had shoveled the walkway in front of the West E Street facility and around the corner on Green Street.

Downtown resident Dawn Carpenter and her daughter Amber were out early, enjoying a walk in the snow and Amber had made a large snowball.

At Kelcy's, Bob and Dorothy Hardy, and their friend Kim were taking a break for hot coffee. The Bear Valley Springs residents drove into town at 4:30 this morning because they wanted a chance to shoot more of Tehachapi's historical buildings in the snow. Even with four wheel drive, he said it took three tries to get out of their driveway.

A retired advertising photographer, Bob Hardy said he takes photos to use on Christmas cards. So far he has photographed all of Tehachapi's historic buildings in the snow except Kelcy's Restaurant and the Tehachapi Museum. His wife Dorothy does PhotoShop magic to add elements to the photos, such as Christmas lights.

The morning brought success at Kelcy's and the trio were headed to the Tehachapi Museum after a break.

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