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Wednesday, Mar 05 2014 06:00 AM

Concrete trouble for hospital

Impact on construction project being assessed

Although it was recently reported that everything is moving along smoothly with the new Tehachapi Hospital being constructed in Capital Hills, the project hasn't been completely free of problems, according to Project Manager Stacy Pray.

Pray said at the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District's board meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 26, that the project has experienced some delays, mostly due to problems with concrete flooring.

According to Pray, approximately 3,000 square feet of concrete had to be torn up and replaced after the slab-on-grade foundations were found unlevel and cured improperly.

"We had a poor quality pour, so we had the contractor remove the concrete," she said.

She said it hasn't been determined what impact this delay will have on the overall timeline of the project, but that different ways to bring it back on schedule are being examined.

"The delay for this issue as well as others are being analyzed as we speak," Pray wrote via email. "I should have a better answer by the next board meeting."

Pray did add that healthcare district will not bear any of the costs for the mistake, however.

"The cost for the concrete replacement will be born completely by the concrete contractor," Pray said.

Evan Rayner, interim CEO of the Tehachapi Valley Healthcare District, said some of the concrete work has been carried out by multi-prime contractor Lewis C. Nelson and Sons, Inc., a company based in Selma.

"We do not yet know the specifics on the delay or the cost involved," he wrote via email. "There is also some delay related to state regulatory mandates. Currently, our goal remains to have the hospital licensed and open the first quarter of 2016."

Pray said the hospital has also been delayed due to coordination between the design team and OSHPOD, the state agency that oversees hospital construction, on an agreement of grade beam modifications.

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