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Tuesday, Sep 24 2013 06:00 AM

Results of glider race announced

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Sailplanes sit early Saturday morning, Sept. 7, before the start of the 28th annual Dust Devil Dash cross-country glider race at Mountain Valley Airport. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

The results of the Sept. 7 Dust Devil Dash cross-country glider race are in, and while no distance records fell, Keith Essex took home the top honors, with his 309.2-mile flight from Tehachapi's Mountain Valley Airport to Austin, Nev., some 170 miles east of Reno.

Jim Neff's landing in Mina, Nev., earned him second place, and local aviator Jeff Byard came in third, setting his Genesis 2 sailplane down in Bridgeport, north of Mono Lake.

Overall, the 14 glider pilots that took part in this year's event covered a combined distance of nearly 1,800 miles.

The first Dust Devil Dash was held in 1985. The competition is a straight-out distance race in which glider pilots compete to see who can cover the farthest distance and land before sunset.

Next year's race is scheduled for Sept. 6.

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