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Tuesday, Oct 01 2013 02:39 PM

Construction on Sand Canyon bridge hits another speed bump

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Construction has been delayed on the Sand Canyon overpass due to a problem discovered with some of the supporting structures. The project is now planned to have a tentative completion date in December. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

Much to the chagrin of drivers headed westbound on Hwy. 58 into Tehachapi, construction on the Sand Canyon bridge has stopped again.

CalTrans official Jose Camarena said Monday that work was suspended Sept. 17, when quality control engineers discovered defects in the cement piles.

"They found an error in what [the builders] were doing," Camarena said.

Camarena said CalTrans received a repair plan Monday from the contractor, American Paving Company, that includes both improvements going forward on the piles construction and a way to correct the faulty completed work.

Chris Hickey of American Paving said their subcontractor wrote a mitigation plan, which is currently going through the approval process.

"Our project timeline has a completion date of mid-December," Hickey said.

He also forecasted other possible delays between now and December.

"It becomes weather-dependent," Hickey said. "The final phase of paving may be impacted by colder temperatures."

Hickey said their goal is to avoid such a situation.

Camarena was unsure whether the new plan would be approved by officials because he is not involved in the approval process. But, he said, assuming it is approved, construction should pick back up by the beginning of the week of Oct. 7.


Work resumed on the bridge on Thursday, Oct. 3.

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