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Tuesday, Oct 15 2013 09:09 AM

Deputies take knife wielding juvenile into custody

Kern County Sheriff's deputies, early Tuesday, took a young Rosamond boy into custody for allegedly threatening his mother and deputies with kitchen knives.

Michael Bonsness, of the Kern County Sheriff's Department has released the following statement.

"In the early morning hours of Tuesday, October 15th, Two Deputies from the Kern County Sheriff’s Office Rosamond substation responded to a call of a “911” hangup in the 3300 block of Rosegold Avenue, in Rosamond.

Upon arrival, Deputies spoke with a male subject who said his nine year old son was having a mental episode and was armed with kitchen knives. The man escorted the Deputies into the home.

They were confronted in the living room of the home by the nine year old juvenile who was armed with two large kitchen knives. The juvenile was waving the knives and threatening to stab his mother, who was also in the living room.

The juvenile lunged with the knives in a threatening manner toward his mother but then turned and ran at one of the Deputies who was yelling for the juvenile to stop. The Deputy stepped back behind a couch sectional as the juvenile ran at him. The juvenile jumped up on top of the couch and stopped with the knives raised.

The juvenile retreated back onto another section of the couch. The juvenile continued to make threats to stab the Deputies and made a statement that it was “time to die”. The Deputies slowly advanced on the juvenile and sprayed a burst of pepper spray onto his face and eyes. The juvenile tried covering his face and head using his hands and the knives to block the pepper spray stream.

Shortly after the pepper stream hit the juvenile’s face, he dropped the knives and went to the ground as the pepper spray took effect.

The Deputies were able to take the juvenile into custody without further incident. The juvenile was transported to a medical facility in Bakersfield where a 72 hour mental evaluation hold was placed on him."

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