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Wednesday, Dec 04 2013 06:00 AM

Wild pigs and new police car among Stallion Springs topics

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Stallion Springs resident Jo Anne Huckins shows off a portion of a Stallion Springs decal that was found during a liter clean up project in the District. Huckins and a number of volunteers collected liter around the Stallion Springs entrance and along Banducci Road. Gregory D. Cook / Tehachapi News

Along with the district's usual business, topics of discussion ranged from wild pigs, to new police equipment at the November meeting of the Stallion Springs Board of Directors.

Among the points of discussion at the Nov. 19 meeting, was a request by board vice-president Dave Burt to have an item placed on the December meeting's agenda to address the possibility of hiring an outside source to trap and reduce the number of wild pigs in the area.

"If we don't do something on a district-wide level to control these pigs now, in two years we are going to be totally overrun," he said "A sow drops anywhere from 10 to 15 piglets, and they can breed three times a year, so you do the math."

Burt explained that most of the pig activity occurs at night, and that they are already causing damage in the area, a claim echoed by General Manager Mary Beth Garrison. "We've gotten literally dozens and dozens of calls from residents whose yards have ben trashed by them," said Garrison. "More than any other year."

Burt added that the golf course and Cielo Ranch are already trapping the animals, and that in one month alone on the Cielo Ranch, 112 were trapped. "And they don't even think that made a dent," said Burt.

Garrison stated she would gather cost analysis and options present that information at the next board meeting.

Police Chief Mike Grant also reported that the Stallion Springs Police Department had received some new equipment, primarily an additional police unit, acquired at no cost to the district, from the now defunct Maicopa Police Department. Two such vehicles were acquired locally, with the other going to the Bear Valley Police Department.

Additionally, the department has acquired two new traffic radar devices purchased with a donation from the Kern County Law Enforcement Foundation, and according to Grant, the department will begin using them shortly within the district.

Grant also expressed the district's need to find what he called "a revenue source to hire more officers."

"We are finally acquiring the equipment needed to perform our dedicated mission of safeguarding the community," said Grant. "But all of our equipment is useless without a rested and mentally-alert officer to use it."

Earlier this year voters turned down a parcel tax that would have funded additional staffing for the department.

The next meeting of the SSCD Board of Directors is scheduled for Dec. 17, 6 p.m. at the service district's offices, 27800 Stallion Springs Drive.

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