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Wednesday, Mar 26 2014 06:00 AM

Golden Hills board approves water rate reduction

Commercial water rates are being reduced five percent for customers in Golden Hills.

Directors of the Golden Hills CSD approved a measure to do away with commercial water rates, which will bring consumptive prices down to match those of residential customers.

The recommendation came from staff and was reviewed at a special board meeting on Monday, March 10.

Engineering and legal staff of the CSD found that the costs for providing water to each group are virtually the same. General Manager Bill Fisher added that many of customers who make up the two groups are served in the same pumping zones, as well.

"The water doesn't know if its commercial or residential," Fisher said.

Currently, both pay the same base rate of $21.26.

Residential customers pay $1.33 for up to five units of water, $2.66 for six and more, while commercial customers pay $1.41 and $2.81, respectively. One unit is equal to 100 cubic feet of water, or 748 gallons.

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