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Wednesday, Mar 26 2014 06:00 AM

School board hears about lockdown, interim budget

School Superintendent Lisa Gilbert reviewed an incident that resulted in lockdown of three local schools with the Board of Trustees of Tehachapi Unified School District at its meeting on March 11.

"Last week was an eventful week for us," Gilbert told board members. "We received a report of shots fired at Tompkins Elementary School on Friday (March 7)."

Although no one was apprehended, Gilbert praised local law enforcement for a "brave example of collaboration."

"Officers went through every classroom as per protocol," said Gilbert. "We felt very supported. In both incidents, we made every effort to communicate with both staff and parents. We are participating in a debriefing with the Police Department tomorrow afternoon to identify some of the things that we could improve on."

Gilbert went on to report that selected students recently participated in a School Climate Workshop to see what's going on in our campuses.

"Basically, we had 12 students who worked with our facilitators, and reported on their experiences they had on our campuses -- and they were so very open and honest with us. Some of the information was powerful as well," said Gilbert.

"Our hopes is that we will continue to use that model as it was a wonderful opportunity both for us and parents," she said.

In other news, Chief Administrator of Business Services Nick Heinlein went on to inform board members of the 2013-14 Second Interim Budget Report findings. The purpose of the report is to update enrollment and ADA, update revenue and expense budgets, and to use the Governor's January budge proposal for multi-year projections. The Second Interim Report includes budget adjustments made through January 31.

According to Heinlein, the Common Core Grant Plan approved by the board in November will at $614,000 in expenses. The total revenues are projected to increase from $33,332,813 to $33,432,401. The added budget for Secondary Specialized Program Grant was $50,000, and the School City Contract was $43,000.

The Governor is proposing a constitutional amendment to make major changes to the State's "Rainy Day Fund," Heinlein said. Amendments are intended to address the revenue volatility stemming from the capital gains tax. Also, the Governor is proposing the greatest increase in per-student average funding since 2000-01.

Heinlein stated that expenditures for the Common Core Grant 2014-15 during the First Interim Budget totaled $837,647, but would fall to $235,000 for the Second Interim Budget.

On the consent agenda, board members approved a service agreement with Freestyle Event Services Inc., for entertainment services for the Tehachapi High School Prom, to be held May 10, in the Van Dam Pavilion at the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds.

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