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Wednesday, Jun 18 2014 12:05 PM

TVRPD in third in contest for $100k dog park grant

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PetSafe is sponsoring a $100,000 grant contest to fund a dog park in participating cities. Tehachapi was named a finalist in the competition, and is currently third.

Tehachapi is in third in a contest for a $100,000 grant to help finance the development of a new dog park.

The contest, “Bark For Your Park” is sponsored by PetSafe, a company that develops products designed to keep animals safe and healthy.

Tehachapi Valley Recreation and Parks District is the agency participating in the contest, with more than 3,550 votes as of the morning of June 19. The district comes in third behind Waverly, Iowa, which has more than 6,200 votes, and Sulphur Springs, Texas, which has more than 4050 votes

Under the rules, people can vote twice a day, once on the PetSafe contest website and once via Facebook. The top place winner receives the $100,000 grant, while four runners-up will receive $25,000, each awarded to small, medium and large cities based on the top-ranking categories.

The recreation and park's district's goal with the grant is to help create a new dog park.

Meadowbrook Park currently has a dog park located on the north end of the facility, something that residents have felt is too far from the parking lot, which is located on the south end near Westwood Boulevard and Red Apple Road.

The voting period for finalists, including Tehachapi, is open until July 31. Between July 25 and July 31, the leader board detailing the votes accumulated will go dark. Winners will be announced publicly on Aug. 7, but remains a tentative date.

Residents can support the contest by voting twice a day:

Vote once at http://www.petsafe.net/barkforyourpark/city/1647/tehachapi-ca/?success=1&where=vote and vote again at https://apps.facebook.com/barkforyourpark/

Note: This updates the information to reflect competition for June 19.

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